Locked Realms Post Layering

Is the lock on realms supposed to be lifted now that we have layering?

Seems pretty silly to me that I can’t play with my friends on a server because it’s locked.


I think the goal is to remove layering as soon as possible, and leaving these realms open to transfers/new players will make that more difficult.

Perhaps your friends would be willing to transfer off of a layered realm.


Not really. Layering is the only thing making the realm playable in the first place. Adding more people to it won’t make it BETTER.

When fewer people are playing, they will remove the layer AND unlock things again.

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Me too.

So you think it’s acceptable to completely prevent people from playing with their friends for seemingly ever? It’s been 6 months and there were still queues on a lot of these servers… this isn’t going to change in another few months.

Who said it will be forever?

It’s been less than a month since they were locked. The queues were going down before a GLOBAL PANDEMIC hit.

The world can stay locked down forever. As the virus gets under control, fewer people will be home to play. It likely won’t be for another month, but it certainly won’t be SIX.

I think it’s acceptable to get the servers in a place where the people that are already there can play, and not let new people in.

Calm yoself.

You think this lockdown will be over in a month lol? There’s talk about extending the 2M distancing up to 2022.

Regardless, I’m not arguing that the queues are due to our current global circumstances. The point I’m trying to make is that it isn’t acceptable to prevent people from playing with their friends. We have layering… with layering there are no queues… so why are people being denied playing with their friends?

You wouldn’t be saying this if it was you who’s friends were all playing on a server and you can’t join along on the good times with them because of some locked bs.

It’s been less than a week.

If they’re such great friends, why are they on a different server?


Sounds suspicially like a shill to me. Your assignment: complain about anything that Blizzard doesn’t have right now. Make up a situation.

Where, when and how did you meet these “friends that play on a different server”? How long have you been in this “I can’t play with my friends” situation? The lockdown is very new.


Dude, no one is stopping you from playing with your friends other than your friends. Let that sink in as you reevaluate your relationship.


No, because all that will do is put 50 pounds of crap in a 10 pound bag
and then when layering is gone, the realm will be totally hosed

Go get your friends to go to a not full realm with you.

Yes, if thats how you want to put it
If a realm is full then it is full
Too bad

No one should be able to transfer into realms that hit any kind of queues ever again, or we get this nonsense.

Your level 60
You didnt just arrive today, so you have not been on that server with them this whole time, or they went to it without you.

If they were really actually friends, they would go someplace where there is room for all of you, wouldn’t they?
If they are your friends, then you would be more important than the name of the realm, right?

Odd the number of people who just were transferring to play with their bestest friends, on a realm with 6 hour queues, right on the day of a lockout?

Or maybe i am too suspicious in my old age?



Where’s all the people claiming the population issues are 100% Blizzards fault again?

The problem exists because of the choices made by the people playing the game. Two days ago, wild cries about queues. And over the next few weeks I expect this complaint to grow into a legion of cries…

“Waaa! Why can’t I make the problem worse by rerolling with my friends on population locked full servers!”


How are we going to remove layers if you keep inviting your friends to full servers?

I wonder if people who always says “to play with my friends” actually have friends or they just use it as an excuse to play on overpopulated server


I like how these threads have the LCD of: “well my friends play there, and now…”

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Have your friends transfer off.

You weren’t here to get grandfathered in

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Troll topic flag and move on

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