Lock & Mage LF Mythic Horde

Copy/paste left! I understand we might not be for everyone, but your post seemed like the kind of person(s) I tend to try and chat with. Please reach out if you think we would be a decent fit. Thanks bud.

Not sure if Sunday counts as weekend raiding for you, but if it doesn’t, is a new guild forming for the rest of BFA and Shadowlands. Goal is to clear at least 75% of Mythic every tier, while keeping the environment relaxed. Hit me up if we sound like a good fit!

Hey Beepbloop,

Our guild is a guild newly formed by a core of players that are currently 5/12M. We are recruiting players to form a new mythic team so we can continue current mythic progression and to prepare for Shadowlands. We normally raid Wed, Thurs 9pm-12am EST and we will also be raiding Monday as a trial/optional heroic clear day. We are all friendly and willing to help with gearing and mythic +. If you are interested my discord is Pray#8417 and bnet is Juf3r#1319.

Freedom Delivery Crew on Zul’jin Horde

We’re a reformed raiding guild of a bunch of former high end to CE raiders that is looking to return to CE in SL. In Nya’lotha we’re 5/12M currently and progressing on Ra’den. Generally the people that fit in our guild are the players that want to kill bosses quickly and effciently by contributing to strats and helping each other outside of raid with log overviews. Outside of raid we push keys and do bgs and occasionally do cooking streams to pass the time.

We raid Tuesdays and Wedsnesdays 9PM - 12AM ET

If intrested contact Tera#12355.

Copy pasta inc. T/W/TH 8-11 EST. 10/12M Leadership starting a progression-oriented guild looking to bolster roster, jump into mythic and push for CE this tier and subsequent tiers.

Disillusioned, located on Tichondrius, is recruiting ranged DPS to build our raid team for shadowlands! We’re a brand new guild starting fresh with leadership motivated to get back into CE raiding. Our raid times are 9pm-12am PST. If you’re interested or have any questions hit me up on bnet at Soulsweeper#1739

Hello Beep.

I’m interested in having a chat with you about the two of you. We raid T/Th 8-11est and are working on N’zoth.

Hit me up on bnet if you want to chat some more Dcoy#1399

[H] (Mal’Ganis) 3/12M 12/12H AOTC LF RDPS and Healer

We are a newly formed Guild but all experienced players with CE exp Looking to solidify our roster to finish pushing through Ny’lotha and continue strong into Shadowlands. We currently push high keys and run heroic Ny’lotha to gear alts.

Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST

Ranged: Hunter, Mage

Melee: DH, Warrior

One of our tanks is willing to swap heals too

Will consider any exceptional players

Btag: Smokey#1196

Discord: Smokey#9390

Hello Beepbloop, if you are looking for a new home for Shadowlands and want to push for CE we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a brand new guild on Area 52 looking for all classes and roles to fill for our roster for Shadowlands, we are also looking for a few officers that would be interested in that role, in the mean time we plan to do lots of Mythic+ while we build our community. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me, thank you! :slight_smile:

Contact Info: Bnet Grace#1550

Hey there! Welcome back to the xpac! We are looking for more ranged dps to fill our roster to full send into Shadowlands.

Our guild transferred onto Area 52 horde and now looking for dedicated and progression minded players to join our mythic roster! In the 3 weeks that we have raided we achieved 12/12N and 12/12H and got 2/12M the first night we stepped in mythic. We are currently 3/12M the second night and seek to progress more and we need you!

We are using BfA as preparation for Shadowlands. We raid on a relaxed 9 hour weekly schedule T/W/Thu 8-11 PM EST. Our raids are led by a former US Top 50 raider, our environment are relaxed and humorous but serious when we try to get these bosses down. We also run high M+ keys off raid and pvp nights on Fridays.

I am interested in talking to you to see if our guild is a fit for you, we are more than happy to bring you and your friends in for a trial if you like. You can reach me on bnet at Kae#11715 or at discord Kae#4869 (case sensitive). Look forward to talking to you!


We are Sublime a Horde guild on Hyjal server. We are a laid back, yet serious Mythic raiding guild and our current progression is 6/12M. Our most recent kill was Ra-den and we are starting progression on Xanesh this week. Our raid nights are Tues/Wed from 7-10pst with an optional heroic clear on Fridays at the same time. Our goal is to push for CE and finish out BFA strong moving forward into Shadowlands.
We do have members that run M+ throughout the week.
If y’all would be open to faction changing we would love to chat with you.
If you have any questions for me or would be interested in setting up a trial feel free to reach out to on bnet.
Battletag: tehfluffyone#1150

Look forward to chatting with you :slight_smile:

Oaken Rebirth on Ysera/Durotan is Recruiting for Mythic Ny’alotha and beyond.

We are a friendly active guild, with a good M+ scene and many knowledgeable and helpful players.

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday & Wednesday 830pm-1130pm EST

Recent Past Progression: 4/12M Ny’alotha, 1/8M EP, 7/9M BoD, 5/8M Uldir

Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Zaratta#8070 BNet: bbqelf#1383

Requirements: Attitude>Skill>Gear We can farm gear and teach you how to play, Attitude is completely on you though. Looking for Team First Players.

Needs: Ranged DPS with a good Healing off-spec is most in need, but good players and good people are always encouraged to apply.

Hi Beepbloop,

You’ve gotten a bunch of spams already so I’ll make mine short. We’re a new formed mythic guild led by former CE and current 6/12m officers. W/Th 8-11pm EST. btag: jmon13#1882

Hello Beepbloop,
My guild <Scapegoats> on [Area 52] is 12/12H and filling out our Mythic roster. Most of our raiders are previous AoTC and Mythic raiders looking to push content now and when SL drops. We raid Tu/Thurs from 8-12EST. If youre interested please look on our forums page or contact me below!

  • Beaks#6039 (discord)
  • NickIsBoss#1171 (Btag)

-Revoke Sanity- We have been clearing content together for over 6 years (Started in Siege of Orgrimmar).

Raiding: We are in Mythic Ny’alotha looking to finish filling our team with some dedicated DPS to come progress with us and enjoy what Mythic Ny’alotha has to offer.

Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 8 PM - 11 PM server time.
Progression in Ny’a: 12/12 H 5/12 M

Primary needs:

Ranged DPS:


All exceptional applicants should apply!

General Gameplay: With Regular events and M+ runs, our guild is looking for returning or casual players to join our community!

Would love to see you! Add me if interested! Colby#11522

Hey there Beep!

< Quantum > [H] on Illidan is recruiting for our core mythic team! We are a two night, mythic raiding guild who are currently 10/12M. I think if we can take a look at your current numbers and parses, we may be a solid fit for you! Here is our pasta. Feel free to reach out for seconds! :smiley:

Raid Times : Tuesday and Thursday - 09:30PM EST to 12:30AM EST.
Current Progression : 10/12M Nya
Current Needs :
Tank: Closed
Melee DPS: Limited- Rogue
Ranged DPS: Open - All, with preference to Mage/Lock/Boomy
Healer: Closed
Guild Requirements : Prefer 80+ heart and Rank 15 cloak. Come prepared to raid with anything you may need for the night, and arrive 15 min early. Food, flask, repairs and enchants are provided as needed.

We are a new-ish guild, forming at the beginning of this expansion. For the first couple tiers, we were primarily focused on AoTC achievement. Last tier, we began to make the transition to a CE focused guild. We like to think we are a very unique guild, that labels themselves more as a community. Our members all joke around, and have fun both in raid and out. Many of us play multiple other games together on off nights, as well as pushing M+ or doing carries in both M+ and heroic raids. For this reason, we want to keep this a drama/toxicity free environment and look for good fits to join our community.

Would love to chat a little more with you and see if we are a good match!

You can reach me on BNet or Discord at Ekoh#1469 for both.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hello Beep,

I hope you two are having a good day. I am leaving copy pasta below.

Server - Thrall (H)
Progression - 6/12M

Floor PoV has been raiding together for a handful of weeks now. Recently formed, we are looking forward as a team heading strong into Shadowlands. CE-minded, we are a tight-knit community of raiders that like to have fun, but always keep a focused perspective when it comes to content progression. We like to help each other out and don’t mind talking shop about classes, specs, gear, etc. We understand everyone has different time commitments, and respect each player’s time and commitment to our team. We are CE-MINDED. This means that each of our team players do in fact have a minimum time and effort commitment on our mythic progression team. We will define these with you during our application process. Be respectful, know how to take jokes, and how to have fun. Also, we like gambling. Lots of gambling.

Raid Times: T/T 8:30 - 11:30 server // Mythic
F 8:30 - 11:30 // Optional Heroic
(Server Time)

Current needs-
Mage - (Fire)
Demon Hunter - (Havoc)
Paladin - (Retribution)


All roles welcome to apply. We are always recruiting competent players.
You can apply at floorpov. com

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is a new Semi-Hardcore 7/12M Mythic raiding guild on Illidan.
If you’re looking for a laid back guild to get Cutting Edge or just run/sell some Mythic+ keys with, this is the place for you.

Raid Times
Tuesday & Wednesday 7-11 CST

Current Recruitment Needs

Ranged Dps ( Pref Mage/lock )

If your class is not listed above still fill free to apply we’re always looking for experienced players.

Apply Here
https:// forms. gle/JvM7DcNjocNxcgQj6
Remove the spaces

Contact Info
doze#1867 bnet
Jace#12539 bnet
justdoze#8735 discord

add me airbourne88#1885

hey whats up!

< Gruuls Gone Wild > < H > 3/12M - Zul’jin

Please fill out our application: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7 so we can contact you!

Fill free to join our Discord: discord.gg/vNemtpt

We are a 3/12 Mythic Ny’alotha progression guild. Currently, we are looking to fill our guild roster. We are looking for dedicated raiders who are performing well and understand their class. While performance is important, synergy is also one of the main attributes we are looking for.

Goals: Mythic Ny’alotha Progression / Multiple mythic plus groups pushing 15 and above keys / Cutting Edge in BFA and Shadowlands.

Planning Ahead:

Our raid team is planning on pushing Mythic Ny’alotha progression for Cutting Edge for the remainder of the raid tier until Shadowlands. In Shadowlands, we intend to achieve Cutting Edge for each raid tier and grow our community of players.

We would like to form a mythic plus community, along with groups to run rated PvP battleground and arenas.

Progression Raid Times:

Wednesday / Thursday / Monday | 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST

The group will begin forming 30 minutes before raid time, and an attendance photo will be taken each week 15 minutes before raid time.

The days and times are subject to change for each tier depending on the schedule of the team for that time of year.

Recruitment and Trial Raiders:

Gruul’s Gone Wild is focused on progression through the Mythic raid tier. This means that the 20 best and most reliable players / classes for each boss throughout the raid. We are looking for players who are reliable and willing to contribute to the raid each week.

We do not have damage (DPS) or healing (HPS) cut offs; however, high performance reliability is valued while still performing mechanics properly.

If you can play multiple classes / roles, it will be highly valuable to us. While not required, we do expect that mythic progression raiders should have at least one alt geared to enter the raid team if needed.

Guild Information:

We are a new Horde guild, switching recently from Alliance for more quality raiding individuals to push to achieve Cutting Edge every tier throughout Shadowlands. While raiding is the main focus, we have a mythic plus team for pushing high level keys and looking to form more!

Also, we welcome all types of WoW players. We want to start doing movie nights, achievement/mount/mog runs, and so much more that WoW has to offer other than raiding. While raiding will be our main focus, we still want to build a community of players who enjoy having fun while still being competitive and serious at times.

Again, our application link: forms.gle/ngwZTVLnR4RrZERD7

Discord link: discord.gg/vNemtpt

Officer Contacts:

Pyrowarrior | TheOnlyPyro#11414

Rakius | Rakius#1533

Flameasious | CorporalDrew#1704

Zadhunt | Zadius#1612