Lock LF Heroic Guild

I dont want to raid past 10pm CST. I am looking for a guild to grow into in SL. I am return Mythic raider with Uldir being CE and 7/9 BOD and then the guild fell apart. My Discord info is MistaHat#8834 or respond here if you want to reach out to me. Friday is my only day I dont want to raid. I would like a wednesday and sunday raid days if possible but willing to look at a lot of times. currently 11/12 heroic on main

I tried hitting you up on Discord, but your info didn’t seem to work. Could be operator error on my end. You can hit me up in game at Zensonoru#11690 or on Discord at Zensonoru#8446. We may have what you are looking for!

my mistake, i redid it