LochModanYachtClub H Alliance Recruiting!


Do normal guilds raid too early for you? Interested in getting into Heroic raiding regardless of prior experience? Then keep on reading!

LochModanYachtClub is an active late-night heroic raiding guild that is looking for couple more players to fill out our roster for consistent progression.

About Us :
Our guild has been around in some form since BC and prides itself on our raid environment. We really try to create a place where people who enjoy raiding can have a great time, laugh, and kill bosses.

We are by no means a hardcore progression guild but we want to push ourselves to get as far as we can each tier after comfortably getting AOTC every tier, we want to start pushing further into Mythic.

Whether you are a former CE raider looking for a more casual environment, or a Normal raider looking to make the jump into higher-level PvE content, we are open to anyone as long as they are willing to put in the time to progress with us.

Outside of raid we have members who are avid M+ runners so there is always a place to do that at night as well as members who are fans of Island Expeditions and pvp.

Current Prog : Currently 3/12 H we’re looking now to push hard into heroic immediately and finish out the tier with AOTC

Raid Times :
11pm- 2AM EST Sat
11pm- 2AM EST Sun

Looking for :
One Tank (we’d prefer Monk/DeathKnight but any are welcome) DPS (Mage and Shaman especially) and a Healer or two (Shaman and Holy pally to the front but all welcome to apply)

Thanks! If you are interested in joining us contact me on BattleNet at Sombra#12674 or on Discord at Sombra#7465!

edited with new progression and recruitment information