Lmao what the heck did they do to this season

Finally came back this week after stopping at week 2 around 2150 in 3s team has been begging, I heal and they play spriest/warr

Farm out the remaining missed gear and queue up some 3s

It’s literally just wizard cleaves non stop and the game feels even more damp and boring? Didn’t face a single other warrior team and then fought a couple DH/wizards. Why am I queueing with a warrior again feels like I’m knee capping myself. Feels like a support bot with no pressure

Anyway feels like an extremely boring meta with wizards passively pve damaging with no thought

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They intentionally slowed the pace of the game by increasing DPS HP 10% via the PvP trinket bonus.
They also normalized armor values by increasing cloth and lowering plate values in PvP.

Warrior vs two casters is never a fun time.
Swap in a rogue and you have yourself a more competitive comp.

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Why did they make it more damp

Feels terrible every game was like 8mins+

It was already damp prior to that stuff

The issue is they haven’t done anything. We have seen almost no patches.

Maybe they should start dampening out higher idk. Seems like any suggestion posted for speeding up games people don’t like so it is what it is

That is what was changed.

That is why.

Interesting, I am curious about this change, I don’t recall anyone ever complaining about how this was previously. Seems even more OP with fear?

1400 solo shufflers crying about damage being too high


dont believe any of this is an issue for level 10s with no pvp achievements


The 1400 shufflers had nothing to do with this. Most of the complaining comes from the top of the ladder

now i 150% know ur just trolling thanks for clearing that up


nobody believes u anymore homie

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it’s NOTHING but garbage splays 1000 rating higher than they should be, dh/boomkins winning on accident slamming out third dr stuns, and outlaw rogues single handedly increasing match length by roughly 8 minutes

game probably gets pretty good if they knee cap outlaw/dh and give warlock/boomkin a stern talking to


Roots and fears are usually class defining mechanics like mages are expected to kite with roots, warlocks are expected to fear dangerous opponents away from them.
If they always pop off immediately because of damage, then you cannot peel for yourself.

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As if two guarsnteed bolts with coil and piss portal wasnt enough they need a reliable soammbale stun yes ofcourse …

They weren’t falling off immediately though

The truth isnt easy to accept. People want to label 1400 shuffle players as complainers while at the same time complaining all day everyday themselves

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ok but these people are likely to spout complete air about everything

higher rated = more likely to be correct on matters that arent their main spec/comp (u guys bias as frick)


True with the bias. Any spec/comp that counters the one they’re playing needs nerfed

Just don’t feel like healing 10min damp wizard pve games where boomy and spriest just stand there doing their PvE rotation and are unpunishable