Lmao honorless inside nightmare incursions

Yeah where are all the ppl saying they would never do this :skull::skull::skull:


Good, people can still do it to make themselves feel good that they are killing people that can’t fight back but at least now they don’t benefit from it.

Player named “Griefgrief” is upset this change happened. Yea I think blizz made the right call based on this alone.


huh? did they nerf incursion pvp or something?

My experience was it usually happened right around the turn in just far enough from the guards outside the nightmare.

Lol this makes me tempted to farm people now.

I hope they fixed bg queues at least then.

Sounds like you cant gain honor inside now if true.

Which id assume just means, you can still get hks in the area outside the portal lol.

So people can just focus on stuns to farm people multiple times between portal and questgiver.

it’s fine we’ll just murder you on your way in and out. 4-5 deaths per quest turnin.


So if I gank you im gonna make you more mad because you know I get nothing other than the sick benefit of being a douchebag.

Thanks blizzard for all the camping you have caused.

Out of protest for this absurd baby-pandering of those who whine after choosing PvP servers, I think I’m going to engage in my first ganking and corpse-camping sessions since 2005.

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Might as well unflag everyone inside the dream.

This is beyond retarded. Might as well just make all servers PvE ones.

Their first mistake was the assumption that the honor was the reason for doing it.

Such a stupid carebear change. Would be embarrassed to be in this team.


Remove the guards, remove the honorless target nonsense. Give people a 10s ghost form like in STV when they res within range of the Warden to hand in quests/purchase etc.

Adding the guards made Ashenvale worse for Alliance as now they can’t gather on the other side as it’s a warzone.

This change will just further push the ganking INTO the quest area which is infinitely worse for the Alliance again.

Honestly whoever is making these decisions please learn to think ahead.

people actually thing they read that they are honorless and just don’t zug anyway lol

I said yesterday they would.

Source on this?

On what server are alliance suffering in incursions? I’d like to shake hands with the horde there. 9 layers on Lone Wolf and NOTHING but alliance terrorizing horde.

I mean it’s right at the top of the forums

A necessary change nonetheless, but they still need to 4x buff the honor from silver coins. People were farming these because other sources of honor during not BG holidays suck