Live Raid Tuning - May 22

(Kaivax) #1

We’re working on the following adjustments to raid encounters. These changes are not live yet, but will go live later this evening or tomorrow.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Battle of Dazar’alor
    • Grong, the Jungle Lord
      • Death Empowerment (Alliance) and Apetagonize (Horde) cast time increased to 5 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 4 seconds).
      • Death Specters (Alliance) and Apetagonizers (Horde) health reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
    • High Tinker Mekkatorque
      • Gigavolt Charge’s radiation zone duration reduced to 2 minutes on Mythic difficulty (was 3 minutes).
      • Tampering duration increased to 30 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 25 seconds).
    • Lady Jaina Proudmoore
      • Jaina now kills all players instantly if the entire raid is frozen solid during an intermission phase.
        • Developers’ note: Previously, if an entire raid was frozen solid, all players would have to wait until they each died before they could restart the encounter. This change will help raids quickly reset and start the fight again.

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(Timbourine) #3

Seems incredibly late for Grong nerfs.

Jaina change is smart, though.

(Maizou) #5

Part of me likes this… but can you not have this happen in LFR if the Ice Wall is destroyed in that intermission phase? In Normal and Higher sure, but not LFR?

I’ve been in so far 2 LFRs, where we get the Ice Wall down, but then everyone freezes cause we didn’t break it fast enough, but then the hunters and warlocks in the raid targeted Nathanos and sicced our pets on him (who don’t freeze), and they break the ice block with the help of us using things like Kill Command or talents like Demonology’s Demonic Strength.

And of course, when Nathanos’s Ice Block breaks, she stops casting her spell, and then once our ice blocks wear off, they’re off. The hunters/warlocks simply put their pets on the elemental and then pull it down to the group.

A few people die from the residual damage of the ice block, but as soon as a healer gets out, they just use a big cooldown and everyone is healed, and as DPS get out, they break Ice Blocks that are still up, then we kill the Elemental, then move to Jaina.

In Short: As long as the wall is down, it’s not a guaranteed wipe on Jaina if everyone is Ice Blocked, if there’s enough hunters and warlocks in the LFR, due to the fact pets don’t get Ice Blocked with their owner.

So this change is actually a significant buff to the LFR Jaina encounter.

I mean, sure, it only happens probably 1 in every 100 fights, probably less than that, but it still happens. Lol. Just asking to try to add a check that if the Ice Wall is down in LFR ONLY for this mechanic. Cause in LFR, Nathanos’s Ice Block has low enough health, pets can break it.


As if LFR hunters / locks would do this


(Kaivax) #7

The Grong and Mekkatorque changes are now live. The change to the Jaina encounter is not yet live.


Mekkatorque could use even more nerfs to Tampering. For example would be nice if it worked similar to normal mode in both Heroic and Mythic. This way you can just assign a single person to announce colors. This is a worst and least fun boss mechanic in wow history, it really needs more fixes.


No rush on that Jaina change, EJ doesn’t raid again until Monday.


Can I get a Classic beta invite please?

(Kaivax) #11

The Jaina change is now live.

(Maizou) #12

I’ve had it happen in 2 LFRs.