Live Raid Tuning – May 14


Hence why I said semi-joke, not much different from G’huun p3 post nerf, dps/healing check is relatively the same

(Cryophobia) #84

Its not the same thing - blizzard does two round of nerfs. The first nerf allows guilds that cant field 5-10 of a single class to actually do the fight. Letting people use abilities with orb on ghuun is letting guilds that dont have 4 warlocks actually have a chance at killing the boss. Same with the nerfs that just dropped for mythic cos - it allows guilds that cant field 12 warlocks+spriests actually have a chance at killing the boss. Clearly the new trend for mythic raids from blizzard is releasing the fight that is only possible for the top 10 guilds that can class stack then balancing it for the other 99%.


It still just sounds like you are trying to justify why your 5% nerf with chilling touch nerf (which 5% at that time is a larger overall amount of health taken than 5% of the 95% go figure) is more worthy than this 5% nerf with chilling touch nerf.

Explain to me please how round 1 of nerfs fixed "class stacking " for Jaina. Since you have your “2 rounds of nerfs” theory. Or is that another thing that only applies when convenient for your specific case?


There was never class stacking on Jaina. But Uu’nat on the other hand needed the nerfs, it was tuned for very top end guilds, 730 pulls is too much for CE guilds on a more casual schedule in my opinion.


I’m aware, I just want to see how cryo’s 2 nerfs theory being based off of class stacking justifies the initial nerf to jaina that allowed his guild to kill her.

Uu’nat needs the nerfs though I agree, but I would have liked to see blizzard wait just a little longer to nerf the fight, or at least trickle in those nerfs a bit slower over the coming weeks rather than a lump of nerfs. It seems really soon to be nerfing the fight, though this could just be because we’re used to longer instances so nerfs take longer to see what is required.

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There never was class stacking on jaina. Ghuun and Mythic CoS was class stacking.


There never was class stacking on jaina. Ghuun and Mythic CoS was class stacking.

Then I guess there was no reason to have the initial two nerfs to Jaina, according to your 2 rounds of nerfs theory

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There wasnt a reason to nerf it imo that was a head scratcher for me shrug

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Every fight is scripted, that’s how PvE works.

And for the record I went back and checked our hours spent in BoD. Assuming you stuck to your 10 hour schedule. We spent half as much time in the raid before killing jaina as you did (we spent 60 hours total from mythic BoD launch to mythic jaina kill), so you may want to drop that argument lol.

And I’m not in favor of nerfing fights to this extent before CE is removed at all, I was just annoyed that you started calling a boss you just killed “easy” in a clear attempt to express superiority when the boss was certainly not easy. Get off your high horse, it’s a bad look.

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getting it to 30% is nothing. that’s just hitting ice wall. Mythic Jaina is still difficult. The ridiculous rng was removed from p1 and p2. Not being able to know where icefall lands because of a full blizzard wasn’t a good game design.

Yes p3 is MUCH MORE SIMPLER. That is a tad frustrating for a guild like mine who had a 12% wipe. We were pretty close to a kill pre nerf. But I don’t think a guild who made it to wall once is going to get the kill from the date of nerf, to maybe 2 weeks. So many variables, 200 pulls is nothing. that’s a drop in the bucket for mythic jaina.

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and we were nearing probably 500 wipes. Btw. raid on 2 days, 4 hour days on the weekend.

We could’ve probably had way more success if we weren’t constantly swapping around our roster. but there was that factor as well.