Live Raid Tuning – May 14


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our guild only raids 2 times a week and doesnt class stack or any of that nonsense and still get CE relatively fast. mythic raiding is the only challenge this game has left cause casual players ruined it all wanting gear and everything just for logging in. if they were to make mythic any easier this game would be even more dead than it already is.

(Cutîepie) #44

thats nice and good but where are the pvp fixes?

(Shamxd) #45

Sorry to be that guy but, are you allowed to call a boss easy when you took 12 weeks to kill it? It may not be crazy hard but easy seems like an exaggeration.

(Cryophobia) #46

It took us 5 weeks to get Jaina down doing 10 hours per week. You arent that guy, you are just a moron.

(Shamxd) #47

I meant 12 weeks from the instance launch. But 50 hours on an easy boss is still a pretty long time lol. Not gonna argue any further, just wanted to point out that “easy” is a strong word.

(Cryophobia) #48

Your guild day raided when bod came out and does 16 hours per week minimum. Talking trash to guilds that log a boatload less hours per week than you is pathetic at best. Congrats, you cleared BoD before us logging a boatload more hours per week. I am impressed (I’m not) slow claps

(Shamxd) #49

I wasn’t trying to flame you or your guild, sorry if it came off that way. I was using that as an example to question your choice of words.


My advice to you is to funnel all of this energy that you’re using to complain into getting better and killing the boss before the nerfs lol. I agree with the CoS nerfs and i think it was needed to combat the class stacking etc.

The Jaina nerfs are obviously there to cater to the guilds who are extremely close to killing the boss. If you’re sitting at 30% as your best attempt at 200+ pulls then that probs means you had another 50 or so wipes pre nerf so be happy. Jaina didnt really need a nerf but I’m happy it did. Makes relcears easier.


Did you kill Jaina with a different guild than your current?
Do you have Hall of fame? World something, region something?
How many wipes did you have?


It’s just annoying there aren’t any skips like they had in legion raids so you have to full reclear before you even get to carry someone on jaina for the mount

(Cryophobia) #53

Thats exactly what you were trying to do, lets not start trying to gaslight me now too. Mythic Uunat is a hard boss compared to Jaina.

(Cryophobia) #54

Post on your main and lets chat.


feel like we’re getting less and less great design assisted by intelligent forecasting and testing

more and more ‘just get it out there we gotta bump numbers up’ and hindsight patches

(Congelatore) #56

With the game having four—four—separate raid difficulties, I do not understand why mythic difficulty is consistently nerfed so quickly in the cycle simply to encourage more accessibility and conveniences.

One reason I stepped away from raiding when the multiple difficulties came about was because it devalued the investment raiding took and its ultimate rewards. Nerfing these bosses—who are entirely killable—so quick does not seem necessary. Mythic is there for a reason. Let it stay there. Adjusting bosses to discourage class-stacking is understandable, but across the board accessibility nerfs this soon are not.

(Colinthetank) #57

A 5% nerf and some of the other changes do not negate the 200+ pulls you already did. There is no way you would kill Jaina in under 200 pulls even if you started after these changes were made. You still have to learn so many mechanics. These changes just make it a little easier for guilds that are progressing on Jaina to be able to kill her before the tier ends in 1.5 months.

Frankly, if Jaina was this easy at the time of her release then there would have been a 10 - 20 guilds that killed Jaina before the first reset instead of just 1 guild. The boss getting nerfed over time is to assist those guilds that are still progressing through the tier and prevent them from getting burned out by hitting a brick wall of a boss that they cannot kill due to strategy/gear/planning/mechanical skill.

I strongly believe the idea of nerfing really hard mythic bosses over time in a tier is fair.

I’m 9/9M and we killed Jaina #251 in the world.


Good lord if you gut a boss this hard you should remove the achievements tied to it, AoTC and CE. I really don’t understand so heavily altering a boss that it is no longer the same encounter anymore.


It often seems as though 5 or 6 completely different minded people are in charge of changes and they each take turns deciding how things will be. So we end up in a cycle of things that never make sense and systems/design that contradicts other ones.

(Thunderçatz) #60

I do not know Shamxd personally… but he is a Shaman content creator, unsure if he necessarily streams, and overall helpful in the community from what I have seen. I really do not think he was trying to flame you in any way, rather you are throwing out terms such as “easy” for a boss because you have killed it. Have seen a wide range of people call a boss easy, hell I have too (and before you start railing me about you are better, please dont bother).

The thing about easy is, its always easy after its over. I can go tell a friend who is just now on Mythic Grong and say how easy it is, because in my eyes it is easy. To him and his guild, its a ton of damage and perhaps unforgiving overlaps they are not use to. “Easy” is based on perspective, and I would say for a boss that takes several raid days for any guild to kill the first time it is not “easy” to me.

As a personal gripe, I know a few people who use “gaslighting” in the situations you just used it. Terrible people to be around and rotten personalities, just hope it doesnt bleed into your raids :wink:

(Cryophobia) #61

Mythic Jaina was a very scripted fight other than random rng icefalls. It was a very easy fight. I dont care who shamxd is, i know what guild he is in, they raid so many hours every week and day raid when mythic drops of course he is going to finish mythic tiers faster than 99% of the players. What he said to me was plain moronic.