Live Raid Tuning – May 14


Jaina is already super easy as it is now. with this upcoming nerf now its just brain dead.

(Rynnzler) #22

I would not call Mythic Jaina an “easy” fight by any means.

(Cbegsdh) #23

I don’t hate the nerfs, I hate that nerfs are required. You guys are missing the point.

The point I’m making here is the release for each end boss for any tier in the last 4-5+ tiers is most certainly not the same boss after multiple nerfs. Why would they nerf the boss unless they truly believe after seeing kill percentages of guilds with CE that the boss was tuned incorrectly?

The issue as a whole is these bosses should be released as their post nerf version and never nerfed. Proper testing and tuning would resolve this, but apparently blizzard doesn’t have enough testers to fill a 20 man mythic raid, that’s where we come in and why nerfs are often numerous and frequent.

Edit: Let me give you an example of how this feels, you study for a test for months, finally test time and the test difficulty has been scaled down substantially. Do you feel as if you wasted your time? I would.

(Raegon) #24

So you make mythic raiding easier for melee but don’t do anything to make MDI/M+ easier for ranged.



You do know blizzard have to cater to that 1-3% of hardcore raider somehow right? Those first month or 2 of difficulty is not for you to begin with.

And to your example, basically you studied and took a test, failed for a month and keep needing to re take it, and now the teacher makes it easier for you, and you feel you wasted your time? so basically you rather fail than been given a hand and maybe pass it? i mean i dunno what to say if that is the case

(Cbegsdh) #26

Me? No. My group? Yes.

You do realize the 1-3% includes all guilds that achieve CE within the tier, correct?

Fact of the matter is crucible was released with ridiculous raid comps in mind.


This right here. It’s crazy how much better melee are in m+. There’s one high tier ranged, and that’s Ele Sham, everything else is melee.


The boss should be extremely hard on launch, so the top tier guilds can have an actual challenge and not just watch the boss roll over. Blizzard always nerfs a boss after the top guilds have killed it if it is overly hard for a majority of the CE raiding playerbase. And it’ll stay that way.


Everything else is Rouge, Dh, Monk.


I see Ion and Elitist Jerks have started Jaina prog lol

(Cbegsdh) #31

Why not make another difficulty then? Or keep CE at that top world level? It makes no sense to me.

Also the end bosses always tend to be like 500x or more harder than any of the other bosses in the raid. I can understand incremental difficulty but this isn’t incremental at all.

Also attaining CE shouldn’t be strictly determined on the scale of difficulty blizzard feels like implementing and adjusting to. Some fights have the difficulty set to 5, 7, then we have pre nerf Jaina and pre nerf G’huun which were set to 20. CE level guilds shouldn’t hope they nerf a fight and hold their breath for the nerfs because the end boss of each tier is often overturned, heroic guilds don’t and often the difficulty for heroic is not changed because the difficulty of heroic is often (at least in BFA) fair for those level guilds.

Maybe making the raid gear substantially stronger than gear outside of raid for those pushing ranks and keeping the difficulty the same so guilds working up to it have an idea of what they’re in for, or find another solution. Just know the nerfs constantly is rather bothersome.

(Rynnzler) #32

Nighthold’s difficulty curve should be the model for raid tuning IMO. The only boss in there that was borderline impossible was Krosus. Outside of that the difficulty curve in there was great.


I don’t like this nerf for the same reason I didn’t like nighthold. The answer shouldn’t be melee get 0 mechanics. That’s boring for melee. I’d prefer if there were melee specific mechanics to compliment the ranged. Heaven forbid you are a melee healer and you literally just tunnel boss for 11 minutes while everyone else does stuff.


We don’t need another difficulty. We already have enough


Same thing happened on Mythrax and G’huun, got nerfed shortly after they started prog.

(Cryophobia) #37

I mean I disagree completely because Jaina was already easy before these nerfs, now she is BRAINDEAD easy.

(Cryophobia) #38

She is pretty easy right now in her current form.

(Cbegsdh) #39

Oh, so now we know why she was nerfed. Sounds good, makes sense. Lol


the raids come out for the competent guilds to kill it first and then it gets nerfed as time goes on for more and more casual guilds to “experience” the content

(Cbegsdh) #41

I think you misspelled “guilds with leveled/geared alts from splits class stacking” but that’s ok, I forgive you.