Live Developer Q&A Thursday, January 24 – Submit Your Questions

Ok 2 part question .

Are you ever going to actually work on those classes that you said before launch needed work but were not able to at the time due to time constraints and finally can you answer the questions asked by us the players honestly and clearly without lawyer double speak ?


Is there anything planned to fix the server lag?
Particularly with incursions and world PvP.


Not even stickied…

What do you mean? Shadow priest and ele shaman are amazing since their changes in 8.1

I know it’s not about Tides Part 2, but why did you change the whistle emote?

I have received a lot of feedback on both sides regarding pinning. A lot of people don’t seem to see them there and I definitely notice responses come in faster when it’s not pinned. That said, it is pinned now and will be there for a few days to avoid it dropping down low.

What is the point of this QA when you guys still have not bothered to answer a single question from the Blizzcon 2018 QA thread?


Any plans to fix the graphic bugs on large races that play Spriest entering void form? (Particle effect becomes offset/character model looks like a blueberry/compare to belfs and humans who look great). This is a long standing bug…


I’m not here to ask you questions or have you answer them .

You need to stop trying to derail this thread just because people don’t agree with your opinion and yes I say your opinion because that is what every person here is doing , voicing their opinion .

Oh and yes you are giving your opinion just because you think it is fact doesn’t mean it is.


Will you EVER fix the phasing problems of FPs on alts that are locked behind quests?

For Eg. After learning “all” the FPs with on my alts, whenever I use Flight Master’s Whistle it drops me to nearest FP that may not even be there. I can’t see the FP and have to manually do a long run to get to nearest “working” FP on that alt.

Follow up question:
When will you guys FINALLY learn locking as simple things as an FP behind a long quest chain even for alts is stupidly bad game design? And it doesn’t work even after you introduce above mentioned items.


Are we going to see elves as Forsaken variants/as an allied race?
They seem to be much requested, you’ve pre-built all the assets in game already, they fit in with this story line as well DHunters did in legion, etc.


Best to just ignore them, and not give them the attention they’re begging for.

Is this an actual QandA or another video of back patting trying to convince us that this is good, quality ‘content*’?

*Whispers: It’s not.


Why did you remove the AP from Uldir? I wanna raid “old” content but the rewards don’t compete with WQs.


Zandalari and Kul Tiran are grossly unfinished on the PTR. (Or at lest given how they look/animate/function I certainly hope they’re unfinished). Can you help us understand why after such a long delay in release they’re still in such a shoddy state? Are there changes and improvements coming? Should we expect them to unlock a month after the end of raid finder? 4?


Will the Alliance, specifically the night elves, GET their vengeance on Sylvanus and the Horde, as the title of this patch and all advertising of it portrays or is it true that Sylvanus will essentially be given a pass on all that was done, as Alex Afrasabi stated in the interview with Blizzard Watch?


Sadly i had to quote someone and i choose this quote… They are ignoring US but heres my question… Is the constant BUGs and LAG going to be addressed? or only sugar coated stuff?

  1. How constrained are you by corporate right now in terms of the creative decisions you can make and content release dates?

  2. How do you use MAU to determine what gameplay modes are “working?” From your metrics, do you feel you can accurately determine who is having fun playing the game vs. who is doing what they feel is unenjoyable content just for the rewards?


Can you give your thoughts on spec utility in M+?
Currently the tank disparity is large, tanks like guardian druid bring almost nothing unique to a group.
DPS feels this pain too. Rogues are almsot mandatory due to shroud. Any thoughts on bringing invis potions off the same CD as battle potions? Some specs have 0 group utility, like ferals, and they see way less play because of it.


How can Night Elves be made to join the Forsaken?! Why are they willingly joining the very ones who killed them and are bringing a holocaust upon their land and their people?!