Live Class Tuning -- July 16, 2019


Out of all the things that need tuning… Arcane came to mind…


This doesn’t change the meta at all. Elemental Shamans are still able to one shot players, Shadow Priests are still extremely strong, KFC is still busted, Boomkin is still busted too. But instead of using logic you’re going off a website that literally has a playerbase of 224 worldwide above 2k because the season has only been out a WEEK and most players haven’t started playing yet.


You’re right, this doesn’t change the meta at all, which is the problem.

This adds another spec to the list of viable mage specs, which will move up to three, while again most classes struggle to maintain 1 viable spec.

Yes, the season has only been out a week, but nothing has changed from the last 8 months because our only changes so far is Arcane gets +6% damage…

KFC is still weak because Hunters and Warriors have no survibility, some random dps essence isn’t really going to fix that. Boomkins have a random 1 shot potential, but are not nearly as represented as they have been in the past. Shamans in general are nonexistent too.

Again, everyone in the PvP community is begging for class changes because its all been the same for the past 9 months. Giving mages a 3rd viable spec, even if it’s unintentionally, is infuriating.




pls make dreadflame account wide


This isn’t a problem, yet you’re trying to make it a problem lol. Literally every class has at least 1 spec capable of achieving Gladiator with ease, most have 2 specs. At the end of the day it’s about being a good player, so I’m really done arguing with someone who hasn’t even achieved Gladiator lol.


Yes, a video game, which has the capability to be completely balanced, or at least strive to be, is receiving no effort in that department. Clearly that’s not a problem.

And fyi, I have achieved gladiator on my paladin :slight_smile:


I already rebuked this statement, not going to repeat myself.

Not according to your account wide achievements that doesn’t have Gladiator, sooo you really haven’t unless you’re going to claim someone elses Pally as your own.


Is uh, that really it?


Not really, to argue that as long as one spec of a class is viable, then it is perfectly balanced doesn’t really pull weight in terms of (video game) PvP balance. The balance team should strive to make as many specs viable as possible, while simultaneously making them fun to play.

A ret paladin or ele shaman may not want to heal, nor may a feral enjoy boomkin, etc etc. Again, being a video game, the tuning of classes should be better handled, especially in PvP.

The lack of PvP balancing changes this expansion has made a lot of specs not viable, and the poor class design has made a lot unfun to play. If class design is not going to improve this expansion, than balancing should at least carry that dead weight.

You seem to be taking this more personal then you should, as I am not mad or attacking you directly. I’m expressing disagreement with the changes to buff arcane as it will make them stronger in PvP without any trade offs. Even if it’s unintentional, it should be accounted for.

If mages are to have three viable specs, than so should warlocks, so should shaman, so should hunters, and so on.

Again, it’s expressing frustration that the PvP balance team seems to not be putting in enough(?) effort to bring as many specs up to par as possible. And lack of foresight could lead into even more mage/rogue comps, something that’s already abundant in the current meta and has been for the past 9 months (10 years) It’s stale and needs improvement.


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imma stop you right there and say no one cares about unholy’s performance in pve

it’s busted in pvp and needs nerfs which is why people are asking for it to be nerfed. do some research before posting nonsense

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I’ve just added this to the OP above:


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Essence of the Focusing Iris major effect damage reduced by 15%.


Class changes, arcane mage. That’s funny. I feel bad for whoever made this post. But don’t forget we have so many other specs that need some attention, but we change arcane mage. That’s okay, harbringer’s is still an issue, unholy dk is broken, arms warriors are broken, what’s new? Great changes! +1

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This won’t make anyone care about AWC, or make it any more interesting


Oh - my mage was already going around one shotting elites ? Not sure how you arrive at the need for a buff but okay.

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Warriors. Give them love.


Specs Kaivax… we would like to see changes to specs. :slight_smile:

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Arcane was bottom for 4-5 fights and overall, the only fight it had good representation on was Queen Azshara and that was dependent on the Azerite debuff in the last phase; Arcane has also been at the bottom for 9 raids in a row. Don’t spew crap you have no understanding about in future, thanks.

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You mean one of the worst performing specs for 9 raids in a row? Yes, Arcane needed a buff more than anyone else in the game.