Live Class Tuning -- July 16, 2019


This feels like a Diablo Immortal late apirl fools joke. The most infuriating Mage spec, a class with already two viable specs, is getting a huge buff and no other spec is being touched?

Frost Dks, Warriors, Ferals, Boomkins, Demo Locks, Affliction locks, Ret paladins, Enhance Shamans, Resto Shamans, Ele Shamans, every hunter spec. Nothing for any of these? Just gonna continue riding this RMPala train huh?

Essence Lazer beams, rep trinkets, nothing?

It’s just disappointment at this point.

(Orphanchild) #22

Rdruids won’t feel the nerf at all lol.

No death strike healing nerfs.

No rogue/mage nerfs.

Greater fade is still a 45 second CD.


(Elderfro) #23

look at warcraftlogs are you high? in pvp there fine and m+ if you pull a lot but there garb in raid and have been the worst raid spec for all expac other than survival.


BM hunter needs a 15% damage buff.
Guardian Druids needs a 20% damage buff.

(Bluespirit) #25

BM damage is so low.


Orphanchild. rogue/mage can be countered by every comp in the game right now. ur a sham complaining ab rogue mage when u can beat it lmao

(Orphanchild) #27

Couldn’t hear you, died in a kidney.

(Saucerboy) #28

Forgot RMPAL? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Edit: Chances the MAGE BUFF(wtaf) is a typo for enhance buff?


I truly hope this isn’t all you’re planning outside of PvP… if it is…what’s the excuse for several under performing specs like Frost, Destro, Demo? IE the other 3 ranged specs that are significantly lower than every other ranged spec…And what about several under-performing melee too? Like WW and Ret…


You’re joking right? Frost is nearly as low as Arcane, Fire is only doing well because of the still overtuned Azerite trait that already got nerfed once.

(Surge) #31

Finally! Let’s see what’s in store.

Umm… Ok. Good start maybe? Not sure if I’d call this “several,” though.


In PvP, I don’t know what’s good in PvE, but in arena frost and fire are very viable. Frost tends to do good with druids/priests while fire is great with paladins.

In arena, mages will be gods and the amount of double mage teams will skyrocket. Arcane has insane mobility and great survivibilty. (Part of that is due to their mobility) Along with the ability to spam spell steal with no regard to mana, it’s going to be infuriating to play against.

While specs like Demo, Affliction, Boomkin and ele are annoying in their own way, they are hardly seen in arena. The class balancing team does not exist at Blizzard anymore.


And the Arcane change isn’t directed towards PvP.


feeling quite disappointed with these ‘Several pieces of targeted class tuning’ should be more accurately titled with "two pieces of targeted class tuning’, balance isn’t terrible right now but that isn’t an excuse to be lazy.


And if that’s the case, then nerf something of theirs in PvP to offset this buff. The spec cannot have more dps in PvP without trading off some of its mobility or other spec strengths. Like I said, it’s terrible balancing on the team at Blizzard, if they even exist anymore.


There isn’t a reason to because Arcane is already significantly behind both Frost and Fire in PvP. This will only bring up to par at best while not adding any of the stronger utility that Fire or Frost already has.

(Amelyra) #37

Surprised the Benthic gear survived tbh.


The reason why that doesn’t work is because Arcane has insane mobility, no melee can stick to them. The trade off to having mobility as a strength is weaker damage. If their damage is buffed, they lose any spec weakness.

Remember the whole “double down on strengths and weaknesses” blizzard was all gung-ho about? This buff can effectively remove any weakness arcane had.

It’s going to be extremely powerful in PvP and incredibly infuriating for any melee to face, more so than frost or fire.


Fire’s mobility is significantly better, which is why you see way more Fire Mages in high end Arena than you do Arcane Mages.


Fire mage mobility is also strong, which is why the top represented spec in arena is mages, but it’s more so the burst they can output along with a rogue.

Fire is good, frost is good, this is going to also make Arcane good, the class will have 3 viable specs will most struggle to maintain one.

All I’m saying is that this is going to be infuriating to face as a melee. it’s moving the game into either play RMPala or Destro Lock, or gtfo.

I don’t know what happened with Blizzard’s balance team since Legion, but it appears to be nonexistent, we get no communication, no feedback, and no logical changes.

Arcane may need a buff in PvE that’s fine, but to let the buff carry over into PvP is just absurd with no further adjustments to an already top tier class.

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Link to classes in top tier arena for reference.