Live Chat with Wrath Classic Devs — May 25

Today, members of the WoW Community Council met with Classic devs to talk about the development of current content in Wrath Classic, as both a retrospective on Ulduar and a look forward to the Call of the Crusade.

Please feel free to continue the discussion here, and ask any follow-up questions that you might have.

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Two quick suggestions for ulduar as far as not quite rebalancing but maybe elimination of some higher frustration pain points on certain fights:

  • Vezax should spawn animus immediately upon reaching a low hp threshold, 5-10% ish. Solves the waiting bordeom issue for the fastest guilds while still giving guilds progressing the fight the full time if they need/want it.

  • Runemaster Molgeim should either spawn a rune of power under his feet on death(With the limitation of it not stacking in power with a regularly casted rune), and/or his spell queueing priority should be made consistent so you know if rune of death and rune of power are both available, which one he will cast next for your positioning of the raid to finish him off and have a clean transition into p3 with just steelbreaker left for the hard mode.

Other suggestion for speeding up Ulduar: would be maybe if XT is killed hardmode, the splinters for Valanyr from Razorscale and Ignis (if unkilled) are removed from Ignis and Razorscales loot directly and added to the XT loot chest.

an NPC to enable the teleporters for a raid leader who has killed Alagalon and/or Yogg0 at the start of the raid. It could place a buff onto players to still keep full raid speedrun logs trackable separately too.

Maybe some/all of these changes should wait until the phase is over and only be implemented after ToGC has launched, but they would be a large shift in my eagerness to be going back to ulduar next phase and make the process much more enjoyable for those who have well surpassed its difficulty weeks/months ago.

Other minor pain points would be just stuff like the shards being completely untradable, as well as any keepers spoken to being a one time irreversible decision for the week. I feel like allowing some grace for changed minds or forgiveness of a mistake would also be extra nice :stuck_out_tongue:


On RDF and getting players, especially fresh 80’s into dungeons. I wonder if there’s any room for an incentive system like bonus valor (now flightstones) for bringing someone for whom the content would be an upgrade for.

Obviously, Mythic+ score doesn’t and probably shouldn’t exist in Wrath, so that couldn’t be used as the criteria.

I noticed when forming groups for Titan Rune dungeons in early Ulduar that people for whom the gear might actually be useful were going to be passed up almost every time because raiders already in full Naxx25 BiS were there to get their emblems.

It might be worth looking into a system that looks at player item levels and if your group has someone under a certain threshold, everyone receives a bonus Sidereal essence or other equivalent reward. It might help a little bit with getting people who will actually use the gear which will drop in there into the dungeons, even just a little.

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