List of all Vulpera's Bag of Tricks

That’s all we know so far. Also, that name looks awfully familiar. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were trying to figure out the Holy Relic in the comments of a news post, but it hasn’t been found yet to my knowledge.

And I don’t believe wowhead datamined any other tricks.

Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight. Slight difference in that he’s a dungeon boss instead of a raid boss though.

Kinda weird how all of these amount to damage, but just in different schools. I wonder if there will be anything creative in there…

Unless the fire is an AOE or the holy is a cone effect, etc…kinda bland?


I wasn’t even aware of the ones you listed lol… thanks!

Have fun hunting them down.

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Very bland

Fire is basically just a different animation. Or well projectile. I imagine the relic is the same. No extra effects to my understanding. Just flavor.

Just found Holy Relic from M’uru in Sunwell.


The hunt BEGINS.

I hope there are a bunch of different ideas, not just x element. Toss a dagger or something.

Everyone is saying this racial is bland and/or boring, but I find it pretty neat myself. It does a considerable amount of damage or healing (while leveling anyways) and the mechanism for finding more elements to use for it is really awesome in my opinion

That same mechanism could be used to add different spell effects for various classes (example: warlock green fire) and would be really cool to establish lore and add more cosmetic flavor to your class. Just a thought.


It’s fitting the more thought I give it.

We’re scavengers, so I’m going to throw some holy relics I found at your face and hope it stops the bleeding.


Slightly disappointed it’s not a 100% drop rate, given it’s just a cosmetic flavour but ah well.

Does anyone know what difficulty/size raid they drop in? Would hate to spend weeks farming say 25N only to find it only drops on Heroic or 10m.

Also really hoping they add more elements at some stage. Lightning, Frost, Arcane, Nature could use some love and would fit more classes.

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I hope they add more utility instead of just damage/healing with the tricks./

A trick to ‘throw’ a blink/teleport as mentioned above would be really fun.

A trick to slowfall/levitate, or walk on water maybe?

A trick that works like shadowmeld would be really cool too!

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i got flames from 25m H, Chogall did not drop on 25M H but in heroic he is not last boss so maybe that effects it?

Anyone else had any luck? I’ve ran all three and had no drops.

All 3 done this week. No drops.

I would not care about the racial at all. I just want a cute furry!

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I got the one from Ragnaros in Firelands today. Tried Cho’gall afterwards but didn’t get a trick to drop from him.

To anyone who has found Cho’gall’s trick.

Does it matter what difficulty you take him on? 10/25 man normal/heroic etc?