Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm

man do u ever shut up?

LAST REVISED: November 12th 2021

not that one

That’s the one that popped up for me when I just logged in.

Which one are you referring to?

That is the ToS.

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Big Y I K E S .

UPDATED 4:23 p.m. PST – December 3, 2021

The Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery Realm has been returned to service and is available for play.

During this downtime, we tracked down every character that transferred to the realm and began the process of returning them to their origin and reversing their actions. That work is still underway, and we will continue to ensure that no items or economic impacts remain on Lionheart.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


calm down hitler

you should hire Jackie Chiles to take the case


Clown company :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Not very bright are ya?

Banning someone after they move is not denying them the service they paid for. They clearly got the service, they just didn’t like the result from abusing an exploit intentionally.

Stay mad.


Just a little patience.
Not saying anyone has to be happy about what happened or the speed with which it is reversed. But they are listening and in this case working on a fix.

Thanks for the heads up, Kaivax.

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You need class action lawsuit for multuiple people to get their money back, if the individual who was video taped did it himself it would be $25 in damages and due to it being a video game which is a form of art, the only thing you could claim is time lost as you were not working nor had intent to work that day, as well as this does not effect the prospect of you making income, therefore the damages ammount to the cost of the xfer and time lost; Which would be a day. If you want a Day of your sub back then you can have your 0.05 cents back too. That means the total damages per person involved is $25.05 + Lawyer fees of up to $10k for dealing with a corperation (You WONT get a civil lawyer you will need your own since youre the one bringing forth the charges)

Youre right itll cost blizz about $100k but itll cost the class action law suit to go into about 500-750% NEGATIVE. Youd never make any money off that court case.

PS: I hope you got all the attention you wanted and if you werent just trolling then i hope you asked an actual lawyer to look into this and give you an opinion.


Nope have to agree with him, bad behavior needs to be stomped out or it negatively impacts the game as a whole.

You’ll just make other players more likely to participate in horrible behaviors if they receive the benefit and no punishment for destruction actions.

Happy to see some of the accounts steaming this have been banned.:kissing_heart:

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no but it is like when someone got mailed the insta kill GM shirt, You knew you shouldnt be able to do this and did it anyways. Thats against ToS. Theres instances of GM’s accidentally letting things happen in the past and the player is responsible for reporting it not for using it. If you KNOW something isnt supposed to work that way and you do it anyways youre abusing bugs rather than reporting them and getting them fixed thats also known as exploiting.


Lmao you really think someone who paid to change their name to something offensive would get refunded??? Lol

I lol’ed hard, great response.

Tell him, “Your face is my case.”

no one got banned they just refunded me and moved my toon back

According to various reports, some people did get banned.

Sure thing buddy with a name like Realclown you must be trustworthy, one can only hope if you were among them then action will be taken against you.

Now I am silencing you BE GONE TROLL, to the void with you!

A $25 lawsuit? Blizzard must be terrified…