Linux users unable to log in, WOW51900328/329 error after logging in

please hit us back with the results

I’m working that angle atm too…report your results.

Me too. Linux user on wow since vanilla. I seem to recall this happening once before and getting fixed, many years ago. As of now it’s still borked for me.

Edit. Debian Sid using wine staging



Character: Mariaorsic
Classic Server: Mankrik
ISP: Spectrum (Charter Communications)

Running Lutris in Ubuntu

Patch 3.3.3 there was an issue I helped solve, it was wdlap.dll…It effect wine/windows users… I had a win patch in a few hours.

Blizzard later fixed it with 3.3.3a … I still have the emails from the programmers exchanging logs from that incident. I lol’d remembering that.


Anyone else affected try and use the WoW companion app? Seems like even from a mobile network, it kicks me off of that as well.

Edit: To expand, I can hit the character select screen of the app, but it does the same sort of behavior from the desktop client, times out to the login page. Guessing same behavior.

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still down
Realm: Arugal OCE
OS: Arch Linux

still a no go after power-cycling the whole network.
Realm: Faerlina
I use arch btw


Hmmm, there was a blue post earlier asking people to stop using cellphone hotspots to play… I wonder what the chances are that the ddos is the product of an android virus and we are being blamed by association.

The b . net app works fine for me, chat works fine so I at least can explain to friends I can’t connect to WoW. Can’t seem to complete connection (connection stuck at SYN_SENT - TCP link not open, so TLS negotiation can’t occur yet at least for this tcp link …)

Wine staging 4.15 on gentoo and play on Frostmourne. Was playing ok last night. My internet connect is dual stack so both ipv4 and ipv6.

So far my results have been
Using ipv4 I get wow51900319
Using ipv6 I get wow51900328

I know its likely Futile, but going to try and generate some love in propping this up for Blizzard to see.

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I don’t think it’s worth it. I saw about 3 threads about this topic get deleted by the mods.

I know, but I have to try.

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Realm: Faerlina
OS: Manjaro :frowning:

Realm: Stalagg
OS: Fedora 30

Ubuntu Studio/Spectrum ISP having issues as well.

still can’t login on linux desktop but I can login on my windows machine now. sitting at 1581 in queue on faerlina. beyond annoying this is.

LF windows lol not dual booted. Halp!

I sat in queue for two hours to then be dc’d and blacklisted. Not the best Sunday.