Linux Client?

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Actually it is. The marketing site that comes from does not include mobile devices. Or cloud devices. Mac OS is not Linux. While it was based on Linux its not compatible At this point it is a unique OS . Macs hold 10 percent roughly market share. The 1.5 is correct. Chrome books actually hold a higher market share then Linux. Chrome books are also not included on the site. but on another.


Guess I better tell my company that their recent planned billion dollar investment in Linux servers is a waste of money because the o/s is no longer relevant then.

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Unless you work for a data center. A billion dollar investment is not realistic. googles data center cost 1.2 billion. let’s put it this way it was 117 million to modernize the entire US militaries computer network

AS far as desktop computers corporate computers make up a very small percentage of PC’s out there. Do not know of many companies switching to macs as they are actually more expensive. you can get several workstations for the cost of one mac


I do in fact work with a big data comp. However I said planned as-in over several years and it’s also company wide. Your billion dollar quote is for a single Google location, not their entire network. Linux is very relevant in business, absolutely. The amount of cash we have poured into it is ridiculous. To deny this is simply to deny being tech savvy. But that’s not the same as running Linux as a desktop. I run Linux and even I have to admit it wouldn’t be in Blizzard’s best interest to support us. Not unless they are trying to go for some kind of marketing bonus with an announcement. I could see that bringing in new customers as there are a lot of Linux journals and blogs that would pick up the story, etc. But that benefit is a dubious claim at best.

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While it may be relevant to business computers. personal computers its not. . The personal computer users have actually been declining over the years. Even in the Business world there are more windows based machines then Linux based servers. One thing that holds true with most companies. They will not purchase new computers unless it is absolutely necessary. Even tech companies. One of the Tech companies I worked for still used windows XP and old Celerons on the shop floor computers, Shipping computers, production computers and the sales computers. Only the engineers and IT department had modern computers


With the most recent 8.1.5 build (29732) the DX11 bug causing issues should be fixed and the workaround changeset for dxvk shouldn’t be necessary anymore, though it should be harmless to keep.


Really? That’s awesome! Thanks Rommax!

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Last night after doing several uninstall/reinstalls of wine (between 4.0 and 4.3) both from winehq repo’s and compiling my own plus trying to make work and use of vkd3d and messing around with dxvk again (which dxvk was great for the last 6+ months giving me very high frame rates) it was freezing up after 5 seconds and lagging my whole desktop until force killing the game and other .exe’s - I just gave up and shut everything down.

After loading up the battle net app 20 mins or so ago and applying a few new patches, with no further changes I can confirm so far that I no longer have any freezing and lock ups. Nice Job!

Some info about my setup:
Lubuntu 18.04 (4.15.0-46)
Xeon® CPU E3-1231 v3
Wine 4.3 (Staging) from WineHQ repro
dxvk 1.0
vkd3d (whatever was the latest as of yesterday evening)
dx11 legacy mode
Nvidia 950 with 415 driver (tried all 4xx yesterday and didn’t bother changing it)
[right now I’m getting between 60-100 fps instead of almost 1]

So far I haven’t had dx12 mode enabled at all so vkd3d may not even matter here.

I do regret trying to clean up everything and running all these tests hoping the issue wasn’t something else but since these issues had been reported on the PTR over a month ago I’m just surprised that issue wasn’t taken more seriously before rolling out such a major change.


Awesome, thanks Rommax! :slight_smile: :grin:

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I’m doing a complete fresh install of Manjaro. I’m going to try to see about DirectX 12 here in a bit. I’ll let ya know.


Not to be nitpicky, but chromebooks (running chrome OS), are still Linux. Their interface might be just a chrome web browser, but they are still essentially Linux systems.


Too lazy to change my computer from the dxvk version from the bug report as it is working. Other computer with dxvk 0.72 was working fine last night with the new wow build. Saves me doing anything with it.


Because it would be a pain to support.

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Here is a update on my setup:
Manjaro (Arch based)
i5 8400
16GB ram
Sapphire RX 480 OC 8GB
Wine tgk-4.3-x86_64
DXVK version 1.0.1
Esync enabled
Legacy Directx 11

I’m using Lutris and all of the Wine dependencies that are required for the exe.
I’m running on setting #8 and average 90 fps in SW, 85 in Borlarus. Everywhere else is locked at 99 fps due to the fact my monitor is only 60HZ.


Not really.

You only have to support one version. Pick the latest Ubuntu LTS, and you’re good to go. Let other people figure out how to make it work on other versions.


What if I want it to work on Mint or CentOS7 and I hate Ubuntu LTS?


Use your distro mailing list if you have issues. Steam only supports Ubuntu LTS for example, but each distro supports packages or howtos in getting things to work. This is how a lot of Linux software is, if it even has support staff at all. The goal isn’t that software vendors support each distribution, it’s that distributions are a proxy to support their users on the upstream software.


Mint is based off Ubuntu LTS btw.

Steam only officially supports ubuntu, but distributions can make it work without much hassle usually.

It’s the only way companies can manage supporting Linux. Support one big version officially. If you encounter a bug, test it on the officially supported version. That’s it.

I play a lot of games from paradox (a competent developer compared to Blizzard), and they only support a few distributions. I once submitted a bug report, I was running debian unstable on i3wm, told me “too bad, this works on ubuntu + gnome, test it there”.

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I think what you don’t like is the desktop version on Ubuntu. I’m not a fan of it either. I suggest you try Manjaro. Can’t go wrong with it.

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The part you’re missing is compute devices. IOT, embedded etc is all running Linux. Heck my coffee machine and car even run on Linux.

Mac TCO is getting cheaper. CICD piplines for Windows are just awful. As the world is moving to infra as code, Windows is left in the dust and not keeping up. This is why even Microsoft’s Azure even has a large Linux presence.

To say a bunch of companies are using Windows, so it’s popular doesn’t mean there are more Windows machines. Google has the most known compute resources in the world. Their kublets are all running on Linux per our GRP TAM.

I’m guessing you don’t work in IT. A marketing site that ignores Linux devices in everyday life used by the average person is not counting Linux. Not a good marketing site then.

Chrome runs Linux and Mac runs BSD. They all own a piece of the pie and none of them are running Windows. Even Microsoft’s own Azuere hypervisors run Linux. We bought their on prem-solution and it has 0 Windows.