Limited Supply Vender Recipes

Has there been any word on vender recipe changes? They will be perma camped by alt accounts on launch day and resold at exorbitant prices on AH due to inflation from the insane amount of gold people have stashed, even with many layers. Going to be a huge problem if not fixed.


Unless there is some automation here, what’s the issue?



What recipe do you think is going to be a problem?

You’re on faerlina, you should know exactly what the problem will be. I mean if you want to pay 2k for a spellcloth recipe…

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That you personally don’t have as much as someone else, so you are saying there is a problem?

Not sure if you’re trying to suggest anything else…

That’s just one of the cons of playing on a high pop server. High pop servers have many pros, but the cons do exist.


I’m suggesting I just found my gold farm unless they fix it :slight_smile:


Aren’t all the fancy patterns drops from mobs anyway? Or locked behind reputation vendors with infinite supply?

So supply and demand is working as intended? The horror! :scream:

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Predictions, predictions, predictions. If every prediction comes true, we are all president.

Are you saying that TBC had flaws, that it is possible to take advantage of? YES. Blizzard has know about those for YEARS.

Do you want Blizzard to change TBC into a game that “Beefslinger” thinks is better? NO. They won’t do that. The goal of TBC is NOT “the best possible game”. The goal is “very similar to the original TBC”.

That includes the flaws, mistakes and imperfections. That includes things that someone could take advantage of.

Yes. Limited vendor recipes such as Transmute Primal Might are now unlimited, and they’re and bind-on-pickup.

There are several more related notes in the Items section here.


it’s a pretty big deal to combat the botting problem. We know very well they would be camped by several characters 24/7.


Why are people upset with him responding to this? This is an extremely important thing lol. Enchanters can’t even level to their max level with these limitations. Bots camp them or people camp them and hike up the price to thousands of gold to buy them.

This is a good change


Well maybe some things need to be ignored :tipping_hand_man:

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Bugs don’t get reported on until their fixed. That’s basically how it goes. If you wanted a blue post of them confirming a bug they wouldn’t have time for anything else lol.

“Hey blizz there’s a bug”

“Say something…”


Careful, all my posts just got purged for asking something similar

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Appreciate the response but nothing in that Items section says anything about limited supply items.

I found out that Primal Might was unlimited when I went to double check the respawn timer days before Pre-patch on the beta server. When I had first checked it was a limited supply ~5 minute respawn.

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Except the honor bug was responded to before they fixed it?

because they already acknowledged is working as intended
you just didn’t like that answer


Yeah that’s not true at all