Lil'KT and Pandaren Monk "Leaving shop indefinitely on January 3rd, 2023."

Just like the title says the Lil’KT and Pandaren Monk will be leaving shop indefinitely on January 3rd, 2023.

They are on sale in the shop right now for $3.50 USD each.


They will be added to the Trading Post at some point:

It won’t be long before the Trading Post goes live, but before that happens and some of our regular Blizzard Shop items make a move to the Trading Post, we’ve placed those items on sale for a limited time. Players who want to purchase these items outright can now have the chance before they arrive on the Trading Post vendor in the future.


Great, now I’m torn between absolutely hating FOMO as a marketing tactic and finally getting to own a KT -.-


They’re being added to the Trading Post at some point. I edited the OP to reflect that.

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yah im trying to decide if i want to drop some money on a couple of mounts that are on sale.

Question: When these items get to the trading post, will you be paying for them with gold or Pet Charms?

The Trading Post uses its own currency. You earn it by doing in-game tasks and/or logging in regularly.

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Ugh. Sounds awful. By restricting the number of tasks, the Devs effectively control how much you can earn. Once you’ve completed all the tasks, you’re effectively capped as to how much you can earn.

Well I think the Dev did the pet battler community rotten by only putting in one Pet battle in all of the Dragon Isles…normally we use to have a pet battle per zone which usually was 4 to 5…now we are whittled to one pet battle a day in DF…yes I know I can go back too BfA and SL and do those dailies but I want to stay in the new area and enjoy it with my main and my alts…ferrying back and forth gets old.

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Is anyone seeing much news from Blizzard about how big a deal pets and mounts will be when the Trading Post goes live? They seem to be promising cosmetics and transmogs mostly, maybe hoping to cash in on all the billions Fortnite gets from this sort of thing.

Just a theory here, take it or leave it. And this is coming from someone whose sub runs out on the first, and will not be renewing it.

But the impression I get from DF, based on the little time I’ve spent in it, is that it “isn’t finished.” Seeing tiny critters everywhere, but with no pet icon above them, and no space in my pet journal, so I know I’m not just missing possible pets. They aren’t pets. Yet.

I’m just being optimistic here and think they plan on releasing more as the expansion continues. I think the flying mechanics probably soaked up most of their time and there are still plans to give more in a lot of areas, including pet battling. Remember, we’re a very tiny niche subcommunity. Raiders, dungeon denizens, PvPers, questers. etc. do take priority over us, as it should be. They are much larger communities than ours.

I’m just saying, I think there’s more to come for us, eventually. I won’t be here to see it, probably, but I feel convinced there’s more.

My solution for drawing more people into PvP pet battling? Reward honor for it. Why not? We’re battling other players. And there are pets in the game that require a certain honor level in order to purchase them. So, we should have honor as a reward for pet battling. Not saying the honor rewards should be on the same level as PvP, but I think we’re entitled to some.

Are you sure you got it turn on in your interface and map…remember we had a total reset of our UI’s with DF.

I’ve seen and captured other pets, so, yeah, I have the stuff turned on.