+Likes Leather+ Late night Horde guild

Hello, Likes Leather is currently recruiting for our current and future roster. We are a very out going guild looking to grow as a family and clear content together. We are looking for dedicated people who want to have a good time and kill bosses. We are looking for people who enjoy laughing and being stupid while actively killing bosses. Back up raiders, casuals, new players, returning players or anyone looking for a home is welcome.

Currently recruiting: MW with WW off spec, Warrior, Spriest, Fire Mage.

*We raid Tuesday and Wednesday night at 11pm est until 2am with RBGs Thursday We run keys consistently and are willing to help to gear and teach recruits.

Current progression

CN 2/10M

CN 10/10H

CN 10/10N

Sinner#1806 - GM
MastaFighta#1632 - Officer
Savage#13135 - Officer

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