Lightwell Still needs work blizzard

Daily Reminder Blizzard… Lightwell is a choice with Lightweaver… make it worth while buff the healing and allow us to move it around.

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Just use Divine Word: Sanctify and enjoy a much more robust and shorter cooldown Lightwell. Or use both, you do you.

Come on Blizzard still waiting.

This is the coolest change for holy in DF - giving holy an overall better Healing Rain-like spell (and while not as long lasting as Efflorescence it does a lot more upfront healing too) balances nicely with the huge new focus on single target buffs.

Just not using the bad options is a good strategy temporarily. It would be nice for the bad options to become considerable options though.

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The one thing about Lightwell in particular being buffed is it’s tough to come up with a way to buff it that fits with the rest of the holy kit.

It’d be easy to say, well just make it heal a lot more and with longer ranges and make it moveable or whatever, but then what you risk creating is a third raid CD for holy, which I can only see ending in further nerfs to HW:Salv and maybe Divine Hymn (which has been buffed considerably in SL and DF).

Make it a shorter CD limited area medium-strength like it is at present and you wonder why it exists when you have Sanctify and Divine Word and CoH and PoH.

The only thing I could think is to make it resemble PW:Barrier or Spiritlink Totem or the like in some way with DR or perhaps delayed damage or something like that but it’s tough to come up with something in that wheelhouse that really feels like hpriest. Or maybe it could be like the rez totem, I don’t know.

How would you buff Lightwell without just making it a third raid CD or redundant to other AoE options?

munches on popcorn

it’s a capstone spell competing with lightweaver it should be strong. How about whoever stands in it’s radius gets a damage reduction and small haste buff?

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That could be cool and it’d pair well with Divine Word, which would be up for many/most trash packs and Lightwell DR/DPS buffs could be saved for bosses or critical phases.

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Bingo thats exactly what I was thinking make it happen blizzard


I would like that alot. Tbh :cloud_with_rain:

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Yeah, and I think more of a utility/DPS choice in the endcap vs. Lightweaver would also be interesting.

It would involve a trade-off in single target healing, but coupled with Divine Word this would fit in well with a more AoE and DPS-focused build and would at least represent an interesting option to play around with. It would make the choice of builds even more interesting vs. just having a dead talent.

yah this would really make lightwell an interesting choice.

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Lightweaver is a terrible talent in raid, to be honest, though - the only value it has is if you’re dealing with extremely high and consistent single target damage. If you aren’t, then the talent is pretty much a nerf to mana efficiency, and you were better off going for Divine Word or Divine Image.

I think Lightwell legitimately beats it right now if you actually are able to use all of its uses (keeping in mind, even then it’s like only 3% of your healing).

You don’t like lightweaver?!

I think Cap was speaking specifically about raids re: Lightweaver. In M+ where mana is less of an issue, and you move quickly from pack to pack and trash generally dies relatively fast, not having the old Flash Concentration maintenance buff is almost a boon. And there’s more call for single target healing.

But in a long raid fight having to cast Flash Heal several times more often than you did in SL to get the same effect, mana could become a concern. And you’re wasting a lot more of your time casting Flash Heal in that scenario, which isn’t a very strong spell so you’re paying a much higher price for those buffed Heals.

And really what I think he’s saying is that holy words are the bread and butter of the spec and you have other, much more profitable talents to buff Heal in other ways and reset CDs faster to pump more holy words more often, instead of even bothering with ping-ponging between Flash Heal and Heal.

I agree wont be playing light weaver… the play style is extremely boring as well hated being forced into flash concentration and will not spend the next 2+ years doing the same.

Agreed with Manbeard. As it is now, no one will ever use light well. It needs to be buffed. There should be multiple viable specs/builds. Or else why have these new talent trees when everyone will copy wowhead? At least make the wowhead writers do a little more work and have multiple builds for people to copy and paste.

Lightwell doesn’t need a buff at all.

It is very pretty and sparkles and makes everyone around it feel warm and fuzzy and good about dying in the next moment.

Working as intended imho.

Lightwell may find its uses, but Divine word is just too strong right now…In M+ content its super strong with its 1m CD its used almost every pull, if not super often regardless of what you are using it for…and in raiding content, at some point you are going to need big AoE heals or a burst window for a particular boss…again with its 1M CD, its useable through out the whole fight for whatever you need, i can see its CD getting nerfed in the future or at least the buffs. But once i saw that spell i auto locked it on beta and may never un-talent it :stuck_out_tongue: