Lightwell change suggestion

Everyone can agree that the current Lightwell as it is now on the beta, is a joke.

  • Abysmal healing, around 1% of a dps/healers total health over 6 seconds.

  • 10 yard healing range around the Lightwell

  • 15 charges of healing

My suggestion is that Lightwell gets changed into something like Well of Existence from BFA. It will work a similar way but will have the appearance of a Lightwell following us around; you know, the golden ball that followed healers around that everyone thought was a pet or didnt know where it came from in BFA, Lightwell will now follow us around like this and when the Lightwell is full the iconic beam of light will shine up form it as a visual cue that its full.

For reference here is how Well of Existence worked in BFA

Major Power:
100 yd range
Instant 15 sec cooldown
Release all healing stored in The Well of Existence into an ally. This healing is amplified by 50%. The Well will not release more healing than needed to fully heal the target.

Minor Power:
15% of your overhealing is stored in The Well of Existence. When you heal a target under 50% health, the Well releases up to 927 of its stored healing into them.

When the Well contains less than 2370 healing, it absorbs healing twice as quickly.

Here is how I suggest Lightwell (capstone ability) would work:

A lightwell follows you around and helps you in battle

  • Passive effect: The Lightwell gains a charge every 5 seconds to a max of 20 charges. Whenever your healing abilities overheal a target, gain an additional charge

  • When you heal a target under 50% health, the Lightwell expends a charge to heal a target for X (around 10% of a players health) amount of healing.

  • Active effect: Instant, 100 yd range, 15 sec CD: Expend all stored charges in the Lightwell into an ally. This healing is amplified by 50%. The Lightwell will not release more charges than needed to fully heal the target.

Why I want to see Holy get a spell similar to that of Well of Existence is that I felt it was a very Holy Priest spell and it had great synergy with our toolkit.

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I love this!