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Question, when are we getting LHC guards fixed? I get hit, by horde, do not hit them, drag them to guards, NOTHING. I try to fight back and guards happen to pat over they beat the gold from my bags for a repair bill. Can we freaking fix this already, it’s been like this since launch and it’s complete crap. Do your jobs.


Are you friendly with Argent Dawn? If not, they don’t care if you die.


I’m reverred, dunno what that has to do with anything. They still don’t care. They will hit alliance all day everyday if they do anything to fight back.


That statement make me personally question this entire thread.


Why? They do not care about alliance at any reputation so far. I’m not exalted, but I am reverred and they still don’t ever hit horde for any reason, they hit me anytime I try to fight back.

The “Do your jobs” part swayed me from caring about anything you had to say.



Must suck to not be able to just play the PVE parts of the game due to your choice of server.

And your solution to a PVP problem, relying on NPC guards, is not the right approach. And if it’s working against you, don’t run to them, fight the horde.


Y’know, these things aren’t a problem on the non-gankfest servers. Perhaps you’d be better served transferring to a PvE server?

lolol how about just fight the horde! running away scared to the guards everytime LOLOL i can see it now so bad.


They have a range. If you attack someone in their range, they defend. If not, they don’t.

If someone is attacking you, you could just not fight back and run over to the guards. If the other toon continues attacking, they aggro.

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i think actual guards come with the naxx patch

afaik , LH is just a warzone on prime time , guards do nothing

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Can’t fight the horde if I have to constantly avoid the guards that they will inevitably lead me too when they get low so they can finish me off for them my guy.