Lighting Quality



I hopped on the PTR for the first time to check out Nazjatar, and decided to mess with my settings a little first. I set everything where I’d normally have it, but noticed Lighting Quality wasn’t an option, I usually like to turn this down a little. Is there any word on if this was removed just for the PTR, or if this option be removed when the patch releases?

Thank you!

(Atalanta) #2

I can’t conceive of a reason that it would be removed in general. Then again, many UI interface options have been removed from the menu’s (though they still exist with addons that bring them back).

I’m hoping they don’t remove “lighting quality” as a choice.


Exactly my thought, can’t imagine why they’d remove it. I like when lighting and shadows are both set to low, so I hope it’s not removed in the live game.