Lightforged Undead for the Alliance

I believe the Alliance will get Lightforged Undead.

Gameplay-focused arguments are the best to predict the direction Blizzard will go because to them gameplay trumps lore 10 times over on any given day, but there’s a few lore arguments for this as well:

  1. It would give the Alliance use of the Forsaken skeleton for an Allied race - seeing as we’re apparently not getting the “skinny” Kul Tiran model.

  2. Uther’s Tomb was revamped - it most likely has something to do with the quest for unlocking the Lightforged Undead. I can’t see them expending resources to revamp that area for no reason - and so far the only story thread we’ve seen even partially relevant to the tomb would be Calia Menethil.

  3. It would be an “exciting moment” - Blizzard loves those, they’re way better than consistent/meaningful lore.

  4. It continues to advance the Light v. Void narrative that Blizzard is pushing now that they’ve ground up most of the important lore villains in the Raid-O-Matic.

  5. It would piss off the Alliance.

  6. It would piss off the Horde even more.


Oh man.



Blizzard: :thinking: Do it.


Based on the story that has already been told, I can’t imagine they Light Undead would be anything but Alliance.

Tho I am curious as to what the Horde alternative could be. Presumably it would should either be a void based race or a light one. I would say the Horde needs a void one because blood elves are their resident Light ones but at this time I can’t think of a void race that’s just floating around not being used.

Which didn’t stop them from making void elves but whatever.

I can only speak for myself but if they’re going to do it and make Calia a racial leader it damn well better be for the Alliance. So this would piss me off way less than the alternative of making them Horde and replacing our racial leader with… Calia.


about this, i think that the updated uther’s toom was for a special day in the calendar, rememberance day something like that, if i remember? (sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue: )

yep, this is what is going to happen.
I don’t want lightforged undead, i want my alliance heros in the alliance, but if they aren’t going to give us sira and delaryn back, at least gives us something, derek is a start. but lets make a deal shall we?
Alliance characters stays in the alliance and horde characters and aesthetics stays in the horde.


They didn’t update Grom’s Monument, though?

Maybe, idk. My tropesense tells me they only updated it to use it in an important storyline.

If we go with the Void Elf model, it would be a race that the Horde have been wanting for a really long time - but instead of giving that race, they get a bastardized version of it.

So I’m gonna call it now - instead of Forest Trolls, Horde will get Void Trolls.


Well, it fulfills BFA’s writers primary 2 storytelling goals.


“Victory for Calia!”
“Bright Lady watch over you.”

There’s a good chance I’d vomit all over my computer screen if they gave us Lightforged Undead.


How is that a good thing?

because of this:


At some point, the narrative gets so goofy it becomes fun. Hell with it, I’m game.

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Doesn’t the Paladin Class Hall quests send you to Uther’s Tomb? Or was the Tomb not updated yet? If it was updated for BfA then yea, idk why Blizz would update that for no other reason.

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My bet is on it being a character customization option for Horde Forsaken, because lightdead will be the new alternative reproduction method after Valkyr aren’t in the picture.

Which will be awful, for the record.


I feel like this is equally possible as well. Lightforged Forsaken do feel like an inevitability at this time, but not necessarily for one faction over the other. Yet.

I could deal with it because lightforged undead are going to use actual human models, but they won’t have access to Death Knight, which defeats the purpose for me.


lightforged undead and calia should go to horde…since lich queen is going to end up like garrosh…there need to be a racial leader for the undead…and Calia will fit in nicely in the undead lore…

I think I could like the idea of a Lightforged Undead faction, but I want to know more about them. It’s such a far out premise for the WoW lore, I can see how so many people are upset. To some it sounds as logical as a Gnomish Tauren.

That’s a hot take, Tim.

Also a hot take, I dunno’ about that one, Jim.