LIFE is good fellas

We are warriors, we are powerful, we are good at everything

No complaints here, I hope blizzard keeps it this way forever.


Agree my man. But, I believe we shouldn’t be able to be disarmed seeing as we are sorta, kinda blademasters. Or at least Arms should be blademasters imo.


My main is a Warrior (not this Worgen), and I have 10 Warrior Alts. Warriors Rules!


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I mean… more mobility, baseline stuns, self healing etc would be very nice i think there is much much much more room for improvement.

i see you aspire to be a raid boss


I aspire to have mop warrior back



MoP arms I can definitely understand, but I would absolutely reject MoP fury. Playing around wildstrike and colossus smash was the worst feeling ever for it.

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Damn son, you already the most blessed spec in the game (and most rounded, with highest rep on…every? ladder to a factor of 2). You really honestly want more self-healing, more mobility and more baseline CC? This is madness.

Yeah play without a healer babysitting you or do anything outside of 3s and try saying that again.

0 self healing,

yes considering the cd on my charge was doubled since past xpacs

yes we have 1 baseline cc, 1.5 fear.

You have a root in charge, an aoe slow in piercing and a heal in ignore pain (really more of a mitigation but the result is the same).

Plus, there is the relentless and oppressive dmg done coupled with some pretty stellar mitigations (parry, disarm), and both talents (bladestorm) and honor talents as well for mobility (does anyone not run death sentence? what about warbringer?). Then there is one of the best honor talents in the game in sharpen blade. And that’s not even mentioning Storm of Destruction for an AOE MS effect.

And this is ignoring borrowed power of covenants with having literally all four covenants offering awesome choices (maybe the only class in the game who doesn’t have 1-2 complete garbage covs).

It’s just wild to me seeing a necro arms warr asking for sweeping changes (but only massive inclusions) and not recognizing they are asking to just be immortal. The title of this thread is literally “LIFE is good fellas”. Listen to OP; life is pretty flippin good for you. Best in the game.

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Charge used to be 12 cd and stunned, not its 20s cd and gives a very very short root lol. and nothing you mentioned heals me at all. i would like to be able to recover my hp is that to much to ask for? ive played warrior for 10 years and i agree its def good but i would like to be able to 1v1 or 2v2 without needing babysat by a healer is that to much to ask for ? oh and some baseline cc would be nice not like rogues get 2 baseline stuns 1 on a 20s cd lmao


I’m pretty sure the guy is trolling. If you’ve ever played a rogue or mage, you will realize they are genuinely well designed classes. In theory the goal is for every spec or at least a spec of every class to be “well designed”,to not feel linear; to have utility, both offensive and defensive, utility that can be used to make game changing plays or can have no effect, depending on the skill of the person using them… to have decent damage cooldowns that are versatile (think: shadow dance for cheap spam to peel instead of strictly damage, pre bladestorming a kidney shot) and , solid defensive cooldowns without being too passively tanky (think: alter time, pre feinting a stun) and to not feel like your spec is “hard countered” by another spec.

Arms warrior in shadowlands has entered the tier of “well designed”

Fury also, at least with Titan Grip. I mean, you have a TITAN GRIP and a tiny rogue disarms both of your huge 2h weapons? lol

Warrior is the most boring it has ever been.

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Wat? Warriors like, one of a small handful of classes (maybe the only one?) where all three specs feel not disastrously bad without covenants, soulbinds or leggos.

That’s the good life.

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Fartmagnet, I’m here to look for a warrior spec to play having played casters and healers and damnit you just helped me convince my mind. Thanks, to you and OP, man.

Charging Condemn is such a tasty treat.

The Golden Age.
Avatar and Second Wind were so powerful.