LGBTQIA+ realm


Lol Pro victim or epic troll.


295 comments of people venting how much they’re pissed that an obvious troll asked about a gay realm. It’s amazing how dumb people are.


Why does it matter who is running the country? Not like the other side is any better. They use tragedies like El Paso and Dayton as political gains. They say the person in charge is splitting the country apart and then come out and basically say the same stuff he does. Turn off CNN its brainwashing you.

I don’t even watch the news because of all the BS and know for a fact that it won’t change whoever wins in 2020.


I think Theranos is that company that faked all those blood tests


You clicked on the link and came in to a thread asking for a queer friendly realm. You didn’t get shoved into anything.

Objecting to someone looking for a place that’s open to them being there even though they’re not straight or cis is rather hateful.

You didn’t make this thread, you and others are the ones hijacking.

… why are immediately thinking about sex?

What facts?


Actually, a wise woman said that… Eleanor Roosevelt. But I agree with your post otherwise. People should just play and have fun. They would be surprised that most of the community doesn’t care about sexual preference.


Well thats easy, no classic realm exists that is like that.

And certainly not Atiesh which was already medium population before any “unofficial” tags got added to it.

(Tyándra) #315

Aka every realm that isn’t a designated LGBTQIASBTWUBS+ realm is by definition intolerant, exclusive, and conservative.

Thanks for the insult! I’m sure that’ll make people very welcoming to you.


These responses throughout the entire post are really, really disgusting. It’s sad to see that people take someone looking for the server with a community they’re a part of and turning it into an “omg stupid sjw” complaint.

Thalnos is where SA/BR and the LGBTQIA community are heading to, from what I’ve seen elsewhere. However, the offer a little ways above from the nice guy making the guild on Bloodsail Buccaneers may be of interest if you RP at all. :>


I’m not reading all these replies so sorry if someone has said this. Your sexuality has no impact whatsoever on your skill level. You don’t need to tell a single soul who you prefer to have sex with to succeed in WoW.

(Tyándra) #319

… but it IS stupid SJW nonsense.

I take insult to the notion that every realm by definition is apparently considered ‘gay intolerant’. That’s not the reality that I see. The vast majority of people don’t give a flying hoot if you’re gay or whatever.

The people the gay community has issues with, are trolls and jackasses. Guess what? That’s not a problem exclusive to the gay community. Literally EVERYONE has issues with trolls and jackasses.

Asking for safe space isn’t a solution.


L, is for the way you Look at meeee
G, is for Garrosh, the only one I seeeee
B, is for Big beards which are oh so sexyyyyyy
T, is for Tyri-on…Ford-driiiiiiiing (yeah I know it’s a stretch)
Q, is for lots of Questiiiiiing
I, is for I have no f***ing clue when all these other pointless letters were added to this acronym…sigh


Yeah I’m L and most of us in the community think the last few letters are dumb too so don’t feel bad.
Also I don’t need a special server, I just play WoW. What does OP need a special server for?!

(Virtuwroth) #322

Good Lord the Classic WoW community is toxic. People pretending as if LGBTQ+ aren’t discriminated against, seeing SJW boogiemen in the shadows. Get real. LGBTQ+ fought HARD just to get the basic human right to MARRY and have access to the same tax and legal benefits as the straight majority. And meanwhile discrimination is still pushed by the orange turd in chief whose mental health was questionable from the start and appears to be deteriorating rapidly (the latest Fox News polls showing him getting decimated by even Elizabeth Warren probably set him off, now he wants to “buy Greenland” lmao).

Thank God this forum just represents a small portion of society, because some of you people are ridiculously ignorant and pound your head so far into the earth that I’m surprised you haven’t suffocated yet. Go outside, meet some real people with real problems and stop pretending the “ebil librul media” is going to send your kids (that probably hate you) to commie school where they’ll declare themselves star gender and never pump out little Christian grandbabies for you.


But I’m not sure I want a really happy tomato on my sandwich…it’s just weird


Not to get political, but you already did. They SHOULD not have the same tax rights as straight couples, because those tax breaks were incentive for couples to have children in order to secure the countries future…Gay couples DO NOT have children so they should be awarded NONE of these tax breaks, I don’t care who or what you want to marry, but if you aren’t benefiting the country, you get no breaks!!!

(Summerayné) #325

I suppose it was open minded before that person started leading the country?

I’m not taking up for the guy because he annoys me to no end, but this type of mentality is quite annoying because many of the same issues existed before he was president. It’s just now, every issue is blamed on him no matter if it’s an old issue before he ever took office or new.

People have totally lost objectivity and look for every chance possible to crucify the man because they still can’t accept the fact he won. It’s getting embarrassing at this point.

(Virtuwroth) #326

Yeah, adopting kids that are straining our social systems, having hospital visitation rights in the case of a major health issue in which one’s partner can’t communicate…who cares about that right? You need to pump out some BABIEZ if you want that, even if it means porking your own sister like they do in the South. It’s kissin’ cousins times if you want those legal benefits.

You’re part of the problem dude. Educate yourself before you speak on the subject.


Take it all together and the correct term is “people”. Why we have to segregate ourselves like this I have no idea…


Even if you don’t RP, follow a couple basic social conventions common to RP servers and/or are up for giving it a try you’re welcome.

I disagree, every subculture or minority group need a place to gather with people who have common interests, be they cultural or otherwise. I’ve lived in a country where, being a white guy from a country other than where I was, I was in a superminority (<1% of the population). Even though I didn’t experience hostility, having even a couple people in a similar situation to spend time with was extremely helpful. I can only imagine how essential having that group would have been if we had experienced hostility like many subcultures/minorities do in the US.

Seeking a company of people who share common life experiences, values, interests, what have you is something we all do. Meetups are a great example; they’re a way for people to get together to share commonalities; seeking the company of others with a commonality in other ways is the same thing. It’s simply building a community and, to me, community is what Classic is all about.