LGBTQIA+ Megathread 2

It’s still here. I just checked.

Shouldn’t you preface mega thread after it’s reached mega thread status? :thinking:

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Just live your life. You don’t need to be compartmentalized :call_me_hand::heart::+1:


Ah, the nostalgic old days of the daily T&T identity troll threads. Good times.


You mean this thread?


Please don’t start spam threads. We already have a mega thread.


I thought you guys would have added a new letter to the end by the time this thread happened :blush:

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What I admire most about alphabet peeps (I cannot keep up with those damn letters) is that they seem to take relationships more seriously.

I’ve observed how there are so many straight couples whose relationships just seem so beyond words laughably far removed from being any sort of respectable relationship built on mutual trust and caring and loyalty.

I don’t see that so much though in non-traditional pairings.

A lot of alphabet couples seem to just get what love is really supposed to be. There’s something they are getting and understanding that most straight couples just don’t seem to get!

So many straight-couple relationships are just absurdly fake. People don’t respect each other, ridicule each other, and their relationships are more like transactional agreements than anything. Actual love and being together for the reasons that most matter seems the exception, not the norm.

If I had a girl who can give and receive monogamous love in the way I’ve seen gay couples be able to do, I wouldn’t be single. That’s a fact.

Tune in next week for the next exciting episode of ‘Deep Thoughts with Swarf’ where we’ll discuss the intricacies of making a truly fine peanut butter and jelly sammich.


P.S. For Yogg’s sake why is the technical term for being straight, not allowed? What the actual…?


I have an LGHDTV - does that count?

Honestly though – can’t really call it a megathread with 12 replies

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Why not try to continue the conversation there and bump it up, so folks can see so people know it exists instead of a second one.

When that one is maxed another one can be created. A mod doesn’t close a thread until it hits 20k posts.

You can watch and track a thread in the menu below where you can mute a thread.

It’s just buried you can use the search bar to find it.


The problem with mega-threads is, it’s the same 30-40 people,
and their alts, circle jerking each other.


this is mostly because there are less lgbt people in the world (i forgot where or when i got this statistic from a college study but i remember gay people make up about like ~2-4% of the world population according to said college study)

common straight couples that fall apart usually lean on the “plenty of fish in the sea” quote since being straight is the majority

but also know that there are no small amount of lgbt couples that arent monogomous as well

that being said i know that the first person that can handle my gender identity and sexuality im gonna cling onto them

wait what?


w… why?

*Attempts to not laugh…


No idea. Weird right? :crazy_face:

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hang on lemme see something



k so the long technical terms arent censored

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Partly because that kinda talk has no reason to be in a WoW discussion forum? Who are you kidding anyway, we’re all single.

Does the short version of h----- have an alternate meaning or something that’s considered rude? Maybe it’s a mistake.

not that i know of

i think they censored it because they censored h-m-

i mean they dont censor cis, which is short for cisgender… its just strange

I had to google it.

Ugh… there are so many classifications and labels, jeezus.

I would like to identify as a tree. :evergreen_tree:

I hope one day the letters community can come up with a nice umbrella name to go by :laughing: