LGBT content + developing relationships

It was the horn on the gay unicorn’s head that got me thinking.

When I see normal couples I assume they do the naughty. That’s where we all come from. Your parents did it at least once.

Funny how this is posted on a 26 priest.

Blizzard doesn’t delete LGBT threads, that’s why they’re the preferred bait. Or at least the most visible, since they’re the only ones that survive.

Nooooooo, you will create another 2k + dumpster fire

How about we not make ten post about the same thing every day

How about they make a megathread

The fear of outrage in Twitter is real

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Yeah when I found about his origin I thought the same exact thing. If I were to make a random guess those two probably fought against a full powered old god or one of the “first ones”.

It’s not.

I’m convinced the only thing Blizzard forum mods do is tag a few token LGBT+ threads to make sure they don’t get flagged for trolling and then go back to playing WoW.

I miss that angry panda, where did he go :frowning:

I have assumed that he got suspended from the forums.

I offer my soul to unban Ralph. His troll threads are way too fun compared to these LGBT ones.


Omg vanillanoob I remember him too such nostalgia

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Oh, a nice post, how strange

Well now I am.


tbh Ion and John hight should kiss for diversity

My wife and I want to see Jaina and Sylvanas getting steamy. :lips:

i actually saw a leaked cinematic gif of steamy jaina x queen ashara…

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If you cant flag it…like I cant…just /mute.

Me too.

For, uh, research for…a paper im writing.

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