LGBT content + developing relationships

There’s a gay stag in Ardenweald. He has gay sex (presumably) with a gay unicorn. We had to spend hours traveling around Azeroth to find a dragon who could save them.

Yes, but he was no Rastlin. Ralph’s posts were a slap in the face compared to Rastlin’s.


I’m all for lgtbq+ representation

But we don’t need 10 of these threads going at once, and I feel like you know this

You just wanted to make a thread to annoy people


No clue. He pops up sometimes though, I think I recall seeing him comment on other threads a few times but he doesn’t spam his anti-tryhard threads anymore. The glory days.

E: I think Vanillanoob may be on vacation since he hasn’t posted anything in a while but he could just be inactive.

I wasn’t around on the forums much to recognize Rastlin sadly, I missed out on the fun!
Either way, high-effort bait threads with good substance will always be better than… whatever the heck this flavor-of-the-week is. Even if some of these posters are sincere, many are disingenuous and resort to insulting dissenters instantly.

Well, that’s kind of what Ralph did too. But he was funny.

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Dude I would pop onto Ralphs theread, ignore the topic completely and just make small chat with him.

It infuriates trolls to no end when you ignore the bait entirely.

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Oh, yes. I highly value the skill of our high-effort trolls. I had tears of laughter rolling down my face on a regular with Rastlin, and Ralph often had me in stitches, as well.


There’s no troll like a truly talented, highly skilled, and dedicated troll.


At this point I can’t tell if these posts are genuine or if people are just trolling

Just curious, when you see het couples do you immediately think about them naked and writhing or is it just the gay ones?

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Maybe we could have like a male vulpera holding the leash to his male partner that is like an orc, that could be quite a funny idea! :grin: I saw it at a pride once where guys crawled on their knees being doggies, everyone seemed to laugh at it. :grin:

Maybe they could wear like semi lewd outfits too! Haha. I want to see this now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That was oddly specific. /grin

For myself, in answer to your question, I don’t often think about what couples do in their bedrooms unless they’re very forward about it. Straight couples who force their sexuality on the conversation are just as icky as any other kind of couple forcing sexuality into the conversation.

What you do when you don’t have pants on and who you do it with is just not something I’m interested in.

As to the LGBT stories ingame, I think most of them are cute. They are a bit on the nose because the writing is pretty horrid, but I liked the former Night Warrior and his husband. The story would’ve been cute if it weren’t so IN YOUR FACE…DID YOU NOTICE? NO? WE’LL MAKE SOME MORE REFERENCES TO IT SO YOU DON’T MISS IT.

I like inclusion. I detest bad, cheesy, saccharine, cotton candy writing.


Just what we needed, another thread on this topic. It’s such a novel idea that no one would have already created another thread (or five) on the same subject.

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My butch wife and I could definitely get down with this idea. +1

awful post delete


I’m much more curious about what they were fighting that led to them hitting the epic space goddess panic button.

Also, apparently people worship Elune on other planets? I thought she was our moon, but no, she’s gotta go tramping around the galaxy. :frowning:

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Why does it matter what sexuality a fictional character has? I’ve never understood this.

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I pretty much think about that all the time, yes.

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I want to see this forum with nothing but LGBT threads.

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These are the questions I was FAR more interested in during that quest chain.

That’s ok. Forums have a awesome mute option. :slight_smile:

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