LFR N'zoth

killed him on two characters both alts moved to my priest spend over 2 hours they still couldnt figure out mechanics and even bother to ask questions or anything or even watch a video…

I think it’s a matter of people expecting a carry at this point or at least at this very boss feels like then again I remember other expansions bosses… it would probably be the same :man_shrugging:

Should have kept the MoP difficulty :man_shrugging:


It’s not expecting a carry necessarily, people of LFR just Queue up and BAM pull boss, and start spamming buttons, whatever happens happens. And I give them the benefit of the doubt but a lot of them are actually learning. But its the way that they want to learn it, by dying non-stop and guessing.

tbh I wish they didn’t do this. I personally do lfr for a variety of reasons, but mostly I get a weird anxiety trying to premake groups, or joining premade groups, for normal raids, idk why. But I want lfr to be just as hard as normal. I personally want all the mechanics and to do everything that normal raid is doing. I just want to be able to do it one wing at a time without the anxiety of being in a premade group.

I love how difficult lfr N’Zoth is. I want them to keep all the mechanics and not nerf anything. I spent four hours in lfr wiping on him cause ppl didn’t get the mechinics, but I still dont want nerfs. I got the mechanics; I did the things I was supposed to do; I learned the fight. And it was hella fun. I healed it on my shammy for four hours straight and dps’d it on my kitty offspec for another hour and a half. so many wipes, so many people mc’d, so many forgetting their neck or not doing other mechanics.

but I overall enjoyed the fight at it’s difficulty, and if it weren’t for this darned anxiety, my bf and I would have done normal a long time ago

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Luckily, the group i was in last night was able to kill him in 8 pulls. It was a little curve, not enough dps or a tank going i to the portal, or people just not watching their sanity bar.

The first pull of Carapace was amazing. Both tanks didn’t have the cloak.

This was hotfixed late yesterday afternoon. We’ll make sure it’s listed in our next hotfixes update, coming today.


please for the love of god tell me hes getting some nerfs

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True. MoP had LFR difficulty almost perfect. Groups needing those 10 stacks on N’zoth shows something about the community. But I have been given new hope because once people start to listen and understand what to do he will go down and hopefully our LFR community will start to actually enjoy a bit of a challenge from now on and be prepared to learn some mechanics.

edit: I hope they do not nerf N’zoth to be honest.


Seems counterintuitive that after your not-veiled attempts to get players to participate in 8.3 content with the polls and blue posts and launcher panels over the cloak, you then open LFR N’Zoth and within a day you’ve removed the cloak from the only raid encounters in the entire patch that require it?

Disregard this. I double-jumped the gun.


What are you saying buddy? The hotfix is you can’t Q for this wing of LFR unless you have the cloak. What do you mean

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Then I stand corrected! I haven’t seen the hotfixes list (because it’s not out yet), I just assumed Blizzard bent the knee as per usual.

Disregard my earlier post.


Nah, it’s get the cloak or no last two bosses

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I can’t wait for the earth flooding tear storm, if this is actually the case. :rofl:

An army of cloakless snowflakes will blot out the sun.


It is the case, you can login and go to the LFR window to see a little message popup “Requires [cloak name I don’t know]” but yeah I expect the complaints to come as well lol. The only other time I can recall where you needed a specific item to Q for content was Legion, you can’t Q for the dungeons without the artifact. That was like, pretty much the first thing you did though so there was really no way to avoid having it.


Well, getting the cloak is the first thing you do in this patch, and people somehow still found a way to not have it. :rofl:

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I read up on this fight before I tanked it and still wiped the raid dragging Mother through the barrier lol!

When you know, you know right? :rofl:

Why would you fix the only entertaining part of this entire patch??


Good now we don’t have to inspect EVERYONE in the raid and kick them after they waited 40mins to join!


Fun detected, fun removed. JK


That was the anniversary lfr though right? I don’t count that LFR simply because it was so shortlived and pretty much an entire joke how easy most of it was.