LFR Now Blues

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Seriously are you even trying?


Can we get bonus rolls while we’re at it?


Right! Do you mean LFG feature?

LFR would quickly go the AV route…

Classic raids are already LFR difficulty


LFR interferes with the feel of the game. If there was LFR noobs going to BRD won’t see a raid team zoning in. When was the last time you seen a raid team zone into a raid on retail? I believe my last experience was ICC

Well if u believe that,you are special.

It has been proven it’s not.

You recreate LFR experience
1.no discord
2. Minimum gear requirement is green gear lvl 55+
3. You don’t need to follow mechanics only a few bosses.
Anyone that meets minimum requirements are invited.

Good luck,

It may seem easy because you’re with a more coordinated team and better geared.

Difficulty around normal to heroic.
Trash are more heroic difficulty. Bosses range from normal to heroic ish.

Even heroic in retail is a joke. It’s pugged more than classic raids.

Why? I went to a pug for Mc like a month ago. Why did I do that? To give spots to ppl that needed gear. I expect easy clear. Yea, that didn’t happen. 4hrs later the pug was at rag.

The pug was unable to kill rag before submerged. We wiped maybe 4 times or 5 they were demotivated to continue. To me submerged isn’t a big deal if everyone did what they are suppose to do.

Most pugs that are not 50% a guild might fail on MC or BWL.

So, current pugs I see that possibly Ppl call pug is 75% a guild ran pug with partial pugs.


Too many people missed OP’s name I think…


Clearly was a joke

Lighten up francis

If you actually played vanilla, you’d know that spamming channels for dungeons was the thing to do. Here’s a tip, and I know this might take some work on your end. Simply saying LFG for whatever dungeon won’t get you very far. I’ve had much more luck with LFM for whatever dungeon and forming my own party.

I know this is a hard or alien concept for some people who didn’t play vanilla, but even I am not the most sociable person in the world. It’s pretty simple. One tank, one healer, and 3 DPS you should look for.

I don’t think the LFG tool was brought in until WOTLK, so even TBC had people spamming channels for groups.

Some people claim to be shy, or they don’t want to lead, but I am also a shy person, but mostly in face to face scenarios. Behind a keyboard I’m not afraid to reach out and ask for people for help with a dungeon.

I’ve sort of noticed many people are kind of anti-social and not willing to step up to the plate and actually try to form a group by themselves. Or they don’t want to lead a dungeon, but they technically don’t have to. If there’s another person in the group that does know the dungeon well, then they can lead the way.

His name is “Noone”.

LFR is needed in Classic… said no one.

He got ya.

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I seriously don’t care and would never use it.

The most unpopular opinion in the Classic forum.

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Wow, even after people pointed out the OP’s name, people are still falling for it. >.<

On a serious note tho, LFR is harder than Classic

The entrance to Ny’alotha is always crawling with players.

Said Noone. Clever, actually.

That’s only for dailies though D: its a good place to get the recipe books from cultists and its a semi-hyperspawn :confused:

I mean maybe if Ny’alotha has a mythic mode(whatever it is) then ppl might have to group up to do it, but even so it’s not quite the same, since classic doesn’t have mythic, and if it did it’d be a very weird game.

I will agree with you on one thing…
Retail LFR is not at the same level of current classic raids

Retail LFR is harder, and if you do not think that you are delusional.

Sure you can get some terrible pug groups but you also have things like LFR Nzoth which if you beat without getting a half dozen stacks of determination you are in an amazing group.

If you were to do all the wings of an LFR raid it would take FAR longer than any pug.

DPS requirements for Classic are well below LFR levels
Healing requirements are far below LFR levels
Tanking requirements are far below LFR levels
Mechanics are basically non existent in Classic.

Also any pug you run in retail that is doing normal is gonna be on coms and is often run by someone who knows the fight and every player has access to the dungeon journal which tells everyone what to do, because fights have actual mechanics and enrage timers.

So you know it might be nice to add LFR to classic, would be nice to have a harder difficulty in classic.

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