LFR Horde RP guild

Looking for an active and friendly rp guild on WRA. I’ve been having a ton of issues recently finding a home for my characters. Are there any active, story-driven guilds out there recruiting? I’ve got 8 years of rp exp and would love to find a home for my pandaren monk and rogue. Horde side.

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Hi there.

Besides the obvious plug of “check the directory”, could you give us some more information on the types of guilds you’re looking for?

“Story-driven” is vague. Of course, I hope all role-play guilds are story-driven, but is there a particular theme, story, or scenario you’d like to be immersed in?

Additionally: you’re quite geared! Compared to most folks on roleplay servers. Are you looking for a guild that does content as well?

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WAS! I’ve gotten my AoTC on several characters and have run a bunch of 15s, but I’m soooo bored of content. I don’t mind it, but I rather it not be a big focus of the guild. I am looking for anything dark themed, adventuring, monster hunting, or treasure hunting. I’ve got two pandaren characters that could easily fit into any of those things. But lately, Horde has seemed pretty dead, but I KNOW there’s groups out there.

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Come on over and check out Firebrand Enterprises. We’re always hiring!

We have a couple of stories going right now; one involving an intense competition with a rival NPC company (corporate espionage, spying, raids, etc), and another one doing research into a piece of Titan machinery that we hope can be turned into a means of creating techno-magical simulations.

We also have some smaller events and individually run mini-character arcs. One just ended where we used dream magic to visit the memories of an elderly Highmountain woman, and one the other day involved dealing with some Silithid stuff as part of a goblin’s research project.

And more “organic” inter-character stories than I can honestly keep up with. In fact, we have an officer whose job is helping players facilitate their stories or host story events if they want.


You might want to take a loot at The Vol'kar Legion [H-RP-PvX] under reconstruction! - if adventuring is what you crave and like Horde military aesthetic - as well as folks that aren’t afraid of raiding / PvP - we may be what you’re looking for!


Hey there! After reading what you were into, I decided to propose The Blackheart Accord.

It is a very story-driven and character driven guild. We just finished up with our last campaign and have another on the way, so now would be the perfect time to join!

The guild itself is focused on a section of Elites in the Blackheart Accord, which itself is in the larger Blackheart Warband. We accept any and all races that may call the Horde the home and our main goal is to secure our safety, not only for ourselves, but for our families. Things can get dark in our events, after all it is war most of the time.

You can of course find more information on the thread that I linked, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact someone! Good luck on your guild search.


Thank you all, I’ll be doing some studying tonight then :smiley:

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