LFM for Heroic/Mythic prog and high M+

We are now recruiting heals and dps to finalize our heroic/mythic raid roster as well as those interested in running high level M+. Raid lead and majority of guild is 12/12H with others at least 10/12H. We are wanting to finalize a 20 man team so we can finish getting AOTC and progress into mythic. Specific needs and raid requirements are listed below. For high M+ we are welcoming anyone who wants to build keys and push them. If interested, add my btag Apexya0206#1811 or just reply here!

Raid times: 8-11pm EST Fri/Sat

Healing Needs: Priest/Monk/Sham

DPS Needs: Lock/Mage/DK/DH

Raid Requirements: Ilvl 455, neck 77, cloak 12, dps: 40k, hps: 35k