Lfm for dedicated push group for mythic plus


Currently looking for 3 more for dedicated push grp. We are looking for a healer and 2 dps.
Currently in grp-
Prot warrior
Marksmen hunter.
We are both around 1450 io, we are looking for similar io players.
Healers- Pref resto shaman, pally or disc priest
Dps- looking for one strong melee dps, pref rogue or monk
Ranged dps- looking for a solid boomy or mage.

Would love to push on Wednesdays, Fridays and/or Saturdays. These are our off nights for raiding with our guild. Looking for players on any servers, or you are more than welcome to join the guild. We have a decent amount of players who do 15+ keys everyday. We are currently 5/10m in castle as well. If interested contact me via btag. We can talk more about things after. Thanks!

You should also consider a Venthyr Enhance Shaman.

Trust me.

That is an option. just comp wise we pref what i listed. But open to any serious intertest

Have you thought about havoc DH. I am looking to push high keys. Changed toon name to Nev.