LFG to push high keys (2433io - Prot Warrior)

Hello all,

I am looking to either join or create a mid-core M+ group to push high keys with! I already have my 2k IO with pugging around and I want to push keys in a more organized manner without the random craziness of pugs.

Goal is to push 18-20+s in a group! if you are interested read the rest of the post and msg me on discord!

I am looking for a group of people who has;
-2k IO at least
-Knows their way around the dungeons
-Can strategize group play (CD rotations, kick rotations, and other strats as needed.)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to send a msg and bump this if interested. Requirements I listed is not set in stone, I would like to consider everyone who is passionate about pushing keys in a semi-professional and semi-competitive way.

Reach out to me!
Discord: Ghanji#0534
Bnet: Kagashi1907#1465

Going to send you PM in discord

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sure! Go ahead!

bumping this for visibiliteeeeee

update on my IO, message me for more details