LFG - Rerolling & LF some new digs

Gave Shadowlands a fair shake but it just became a chorefest. This is about where I started to play WoW back in the day anyways, so I figure it’d be cool to jump back into Classic.

I’m looking to start fresh and would love to find a casual group to do that with for now & into TBC.

  • Bonus points if it’s a reroll/fresh start guild, or you’re looking to start one.

Hit me up with any questions: Moose#13300

Hey, perhaps we are something you may be looking for?

Grievance is a multi gaming guild that has been around for 20 years this October… we are mainly made up of older, casual/semi casual folks who still like to raid. We realize we all have lives outside of gaming and always take that approach.

We are rebuilding for TBC and looking for laid back folks who want to have fun leveling, running 5 mans and plowing ahead waiting for the TBC launch. We will be raiding in TBC but raiding is not just all we do.

Add me to discord if this sounds of interest and we can talk some more, we are H on Mankrik. Nionya@7814