LFG Mythic Progression Outlaw Rogue Cutting Edge XP

I’m currently looking for a guild that raids any weekday aside from Wednesday. Ideally, I would like to join a group that is looking to push Cutting Edge. I started playing WoW during Uldir, and in my first full tier as a raider, I found a mythic raiding guild and pushed Cutting Edge in BoD. In Eternal Palace, I managed to record a few orange parses before taking a break from raiding due to some issues with my guild’s roster and personality issues among players.

This tiers, I pugged AOTC in just over a week, and pushed my io above 2k in less than a month. My rogue has all of the essential corruption including 4-5 stacks worth of Twilight Devastation, rank 3 Mind Flay on a 470 piece, and rank 2 Infinite Stars on a 475 piece and a 460 piece.

Hey! Based on your post, seems like it might be a good fit. See general info below. Happy to chat any time.


[H] Wanted Rejects - Area 52. 6/12M NYA. Looking for more strong raiders to complete our Mythic progression oriented core raid team.

Raid times: Mon/Tues 8-11pm est (progression)

We are a crazy fun group of people who like to hang out and have fun but still make meaningful progression. Our core raiders have very strong raid experience and we need YOU to come fill out our roster.

We are also welcoming returning players with open arms! We look forward to maintaining an exceptional raid team for 8.3 mythic raiding and we will do what we can to catch you up.

Current needs:
DPS & Pally Healer

  • Mage (high)
  • Warlock (high)
  • Balance druid (high)
  • Hunter (high)
  • Frost/Unh DK
  • Warrior (high)


  • Holy Pally (very high prio)

However all experienced, dedicated players should apply!

We are also interested in bringing in more M+ key pushers! We already have many active M+ players but we would like to build on what we have in order to create a community for pushing higher and higher keys.

Add our recruitment officers or myself on Bnet if you are interested or have any questions.

Jāku#11819 (recruiter)
Dktrfaust#1775 (recruiter)
Paally#1920 (raid lead)

Hey Grenzo!

Morning Brew is a horde guild on Illidan that offers a unique morning time slot for those interested. If you would like to chat feel free to reach out!

Bnet: Cen#11694
Discord: Cen#5348

[H] Morning Brew 5/12M 12/12H

Raid Times: 9am-12pm EST | >Wed/Thurs/Friday
Optional Monday Alt run 9am-12pm EST

Recruitment Needs
Ranged – Warlock , Mage, SPriest
Melee – Rogue
Healer – Holy Pally , Disc Priest , Holy >Priest, Resto Sham, MW Monk

Hey there Grenzo!

< Quantum > [H] on Illidan is recruiting for our core mythic team! We are a two night, mythic raiding guild who are currently 3/12M.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday - 09:30PM EST to 12:30AM EST.
Current Progression: 12/12H AoTC in week 3 and 3/12M, looking to be 5/12M by next week.
Current Needs: DPS, preferably with offspec capability or offspec alts. Ranged is a higher need than melee, but are flexible enough to take either. Also recruiting for mythic bench / alternates / heroic clear or M+ casuals.

We are a new-ish guild, forming at the beginning of this expansion. For the first couple tiers, we were primarily focused on AoTC achievement. Last tier, we began to make the transition to a CE focused guild. We like to think we are a very unique guild, that labels themselves more as a community. Our members all joke around, and have fun both in raid and out. Many of us play multiple other games together on off nights, as well as pushing M+ or doing carries in both M+ and heroic raids. For this reason, we want to keep this a drama/toxicity free environment and look for good fits to join our community.

Would love to chat a little more with you and see if we are a good match!

You can reach me on BNet or Discord at Ekoh#1469 for both.

Look forward to hearing from you!