[LFG][H][US] 3/9M 420 Prot/Fury Warrior

Looking for a mythic guild for 8.2. Guild fell apart in uldir, all progression has been pugging since then. My time is flexible, but pref something between 7pm and 1AM EST. Not willing to transfer to alliance.

Previously CE EN/SoO, would like to push CE again.

420 iLvl, 2000 io (Prot), Fury has been a m+ OS. Working on a druid alt.

Not too interested in pushing BoD progression prior to 8.2. Open to rerolling - I’ve got a handful of toons I try to mess around with in m+, though tanking pug keys on my Warr / Druid is my masochistic pleasure.

Kanokon-Thrall - Ruin#11709 on BNET, Ruin#3263 on Discord

Hey Kanokon,
RDS is a mythic progression guild we raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 est. 6/9M BoD and we are looking to bolster our roaster for 8.2! If you are interested please feel free to message me on Bnet @ Syke#1285. I look forward to hearing from you! :]

Hey we need tank Asap for 8.2

Guild Name: The Night Show
Realm: Zul’jin
Faction: Horde
Contacts: Bnet tim#12145 or discord campyourbody#2937
Current Progression: 7/9M BoD
Raid Days/Times: Tue/Sun/Mon 10p-1a PST / 1a-4a EST
The Night Show is a late-night guild focused on progression raiding. We currently only raid Sun/Mon however we are adding Tuesdays to ensure we get CE and push for top US 250-500 rankings. The guild is ran by CE and US top 10 players.
Recruitment open to all classes and specs for 8.2, currently seeking DPS for the remainder of the tier.

Tank-High Priority
Resto Shaman -Med priority (all excellent healers considered)
DPS- High priority for all classes

Other recruitment officer contact


Hello Konakon! I’m the GM of a new guild forming for 8.2. I sent you a friend request but wanted to leave my recruitment information here for you to browse.

Hello! We are a newly formed guild on the server Zul’Jin, consisted of IRL friends experienced in high end raiding content. We’ve been together since TBC and raided in many guilds borderline Cutting Edge. We have chosen to build a raid team of our own with people who are equally committed to achieving Cutting Edge in future raids, starting with 8.2. Our goal is to build a community interested in helping one another in all content including Mythic+, PvP, and Raiding (Main and Alt raids). As for the main roster we expect the best, we will constructively make each other better through Min Maxing tips, encounter preparation and feedback to learn on the fly. Officers will take feedback like everyone else and hope to be a resource to those who need it.

BoD: 8/9M

Raid Schedule
Tuesday Night: 8pm - 12am EST
Thursday Night: 8pm - 12am EST