[LFG] Frost Mage and Resto/Balance Druid (Work In progress) Rexxar LF raiding guild


As stated I am a Frost Mage player on and off since WoD and came back in the near ending on legion I have been around since the start of BFA but haven’t found a serious guild to do raiding or pvp content with. I am by no means an amazing or good player but given the chance I can promise that I will work hard and improve to provide what is needed. As also noted I have a druid that I am currently working on to have some flexibility if needed be. Over all I am looking for a guild that is wanting to do PvP and Raiding on a competitive scale as I would love to be part of your team. Would prefer F/Sat/Sun but can try and work around other schedules PST zone.

(Kelendor) #2

Yo add me on btag so we can talk, were on your server and we raid fri/sat!