/lfg channel is different then /lookingforgroup

So join both
Some people don’t seem to know so just wanna help out

/berry is also a new channel some discorders have created for further engagement

Why does the horde have two channels for the same purpose? You should all get together and decide which one of them you want to use.

Horde just expanded barrens chat to be worldwide

We use /lookforgroup:
for lfg/lfm
To sell things
To vent and talk sht

/lookingforgroup isnt always used for what its intended for

Maybe /lfg and /berry could fix that

Is the alliance more organized

I’m not sure I’d call it more organized, but simpler. We use [2. Trade-City] for almost everything. We have /lfg but it is used infrequently and mainly by low level dungeons and questers. The trade channel is the best place to both buy/sell stuff and find groups. We also have world chat, but that is primarily for banter.

Unless there’s some channel I don’t know about, trade is always the best place to find groups.

Alliance dont know about barrens chat

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