LF US horde guild

I am currently looking for a guild in the central time zone that would take a 120 WW monk.

What I am looking for is casual raiding.

I have 403 Wind Walker monk who is 1/9 heroic and 704 raider io

Currently i am alliance but want to make the change to horde.

Wow. That’s a bit overwhelming plus that doesn’t really say casual to me and seems confusing.

Also what does someone’s orientation have to do with playing a game? That’s their business.

I can see why you are looking for a guild now man, I think it’s great that they accept everyone. Seems like you’re4 looking to just rip Zeldiia’s post to shreds. good luck finding what you’re looking for with such a negative attitude. Idk who that person is and I would be glad to join. Seems like a wonderful guild.

Sorry for wasting your time. good luck on your adventures. :smiley:

I am not trying to be mean and sorry if my reply came off that way but for a recruitment when I said casual and it’s mythic raids and you have to have best gems and best enchants and 90% raid attendance or say something in discord it’s like too much for me.

We sound like we could be a fit for you. Here is a little snippet you can review and if you have any questions please feel free to add me.



<Wardens Tyranny> Turalyon – US is recruiting all DPS classes and potentially a healer with DPS OS. We are a non-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and non-hardcore raiding (AOTC) 9/9 H BoD 1/2 H Crucible

Raid Times 2 days a week

Tuesday 8-11 PM EST

Thursday 8-11 PM EST

If you didnt want to go horde add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you about joining us

Take a look at my info below and let me know if you’d like to chat about my guild, Dad Bod.

Dad Bod is a horde heroic raiding guild on the Turalyon server. We formed during Legion and have been AoTC every tier since. Our members enjoy all aspects of the game, including m+, pvp, and achievement/mog runs. We are made up of adults, mostly dads, with lives, careers, and families. We’d love to push hardcore and thrive like the good ol’ days, but we just don’t have the time to worry about mythic progression. Our focus is on our members and we try to support each other as much as possible.
If you’re looking for a laid back home who has repeatedly been successful and active despite the roster roller coaster, look no further!
If transferring isn’t an option right now or you’re already in another guild, no worries. We also have our Friends of Dad Bod Community open – we’re mostly looking for competent players to enjoy the game with.
Our raid nights are currently Sun/Wed 10:00pm to 12:30am eastern time. If you’d like to discuss more, please reach out to me via:
Bnet: gnome4life#1832
Discord: Kentorus#0661 (best option for quick responses)

Armageddon Industries
Adult (ages 21+, 30+ preferred) Heroic AotC & M+ guild.
T/Th 11pm-2am EST.

We are excited for 8.2 & classic with big plans for both. LF new blood to add to our team & multi game community.

We do meta achieves when they are current, xmog/mount/achievement farming, and have a high desire to push more M+.

For more info see our current recruitment post.

Guild Master / Raid Lead
bnet = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Recruitment Officer
Battletag ID - Mirielle#1541
Discord ID - Miriel#2724