LF Thursday/Friday Night Raid Guild

Honestly, the time frame is the important part to me. Currently have a Pally/Sham leveled on alliance, able to xfer, but I’m willing to level and play anything that is needed (Horde or Alliance) , as long as the times work. I play the game to raid, and my server is dead. Especially at the times I play.


I should add, I’ve raided extensively since OG, with short times of break. Not interested in retail anymore. This is all rehashed content that I enjoy and understand.

Still looking for a viable option for a Thurs Night and or Friday Night 25m Raid group! Let me fill your need! <3

Depends what you mean by night guild?

On Skyfury Alliance my guild raids @ 1:30am Server time

Grobbulus - Horde - Thurs/Fri 6PM ST

Ooo, I could be interested in this. Could you add me on discord to chat? I tried to find you online, but couldn’t.