LF some old SWG veterans from the guild Azak

Found some old guild mate names in email and was wondering if any of you are playing TBC now. Long live Azak!

Euar/Blackmar aka Dedmar
Neoth/Htoen from Eredor - Pvp
Wetspot from sargeras
Ren, Sygil, Anarchier, Mellow, Ronald, Boghaz from Silver Hand and Emerald Dream

there’s a different forum specifically for finding people from OG TBC maybe try there if you haven’t already

GL finding those people again

That thread is for finding people who played original wow though isn’t it? SWG is star wars galaxies

yeah OP said TBC not quite sure where you saw SWG

Neoth was funny - he was an architect (non combat) but said he his furniture could be his weapons.
At least one of our guildies went on to work for blizzard.

The original Moji

They played wow maybe under different names than SWG. I talked to one in particular about the design of wrath for an underwater zone and tall mountain valleys so wrath reminds me of that group a lot. One guy was real life comedian too.

The title
/10 char

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