LF Social/RP guild Wrymrest Accord

Hello all!
Not the best at selling myself but here goes. I have played WoW for a considerable amount of time and have always enjoyed the PvE scene raiding my main in mythic content. My guild though basically raids then moves to other games leaving the social side lacking. I am looking for a horde social/RP guild on Wrymrest Accord because I have never played Horde and have always wanted to try RP. I feel I am fairly versed in the Warcraft Lore but have never Roleplayed and would need some guidance to proper practice. If anyone has a guild that seems to fit what I am looking for I would like to speak with you.


Brightmoon is a small guild, and I feel that you would be looking for something a bit more active… but we are friendly and like to help!

We also have a community that you can join that is very friendly and helpful:

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You’ll want to check out Firebrand Enterprises as well!

And don’t forget the Horde Guild Directory! It lists a bunch of guilds and what they’re all about!

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