Lf small late night raiding guild

Willing to quickly gear up
I prefer small raiding groups.
I do have experience in being RL

Hi there Shankss,

We like small raiding groups also, the unfortunate thing is…the bosses this tier, need a larger group.

We have a consistent 10-15 guild raiders, but have found we need to pug more. Whether it’s due to low performance, low attendance, or boss mechanics needing more people.

We are however, trying to recruit to keep our raid group numbers at 15. We are a bit more casual raiding guild, and realize that RL comes before the game. Hence attendance issues.

I’ll leave my guild spam here, and you can let me know if it sounds like a group you are interested in: [H]Revered with Death - What's your End Game?

Best of luck to you in your search! Hope to hear from you.