LF Silver Hand Characters


Perhaps there is a Silver Hand community out there someone could direct me towards?

Otherwise I am searching for a character in the silver hand (preferably a dwarf or even human) who could apprentice (verb) my dark iron dwarf paladin.


Bumping for interest. While I’ve been out of the loop for some time and cannot direct you toward a Silver Hand community personally, I have molded my fair share of apprentices into true champions of the Holy Light and would be more than happy to train your dark iron dwarf.

(Rufaic) #3

If you haven’t already jumped on Connorson’s offer, Rufaic here is former Silver Hand and has actively worked as a Paladin trainer in the past - as well as training multiple Dwarf Paladins at the present time. Sure, they wander off from time to time, but they’re getting good training!

(Grandblade) #4

I’m always down to make some allies in the Hand. Give me a shout.