LF RP guild

Greeting Wyrmrest Accord. I’m a lonely Troll Hunter with many alts looking for a new home on this glorious server.
I’m coming back to the game after taking a six-month hiatus. My ideal guild would be one that is full of working adults who don’t take the game too seriously, but still find time to have fun.
RP is priority one for me. I’m not looking for super-hardcore end game stuff, but RP is a must. As far as PvE and PvP, I dabble in it from time to time, but it’s the not the end all be all for me.
Feel free to hit me up in game if you think you’re guild would be a good fit for me.

Check this post out, and then look for the Southfury Watch. Maybe you’ll like us a bit. Good luck in your search!

Red Wolves is recruiting somes 18+ players. We are around 10 members. We are a little bit PvE but RP oriented the most. We have a event planned for this saturday at 1AM EST time. We are active after midnight EST time. We got a Discord.

Our RP backstory is a wolfpack thats’ look to help Horde citizen in need. We might get it better through. We look for Orcs mostly but we accept every races.

You can Whisper me(Gunghar) around midnight. I’m usually on around midnight. Hope to have you in!