LF RP Guild, but I'm getting discouraged

I came back to WoW after a bit of a break because I really wanted to get back into RP. I decided to try something I hadn’t yet and RP a vulpera, and I’m looking to find a thieves’ guild type deal because my idea was that he would be a sort of casual pickpocket, taking things thinking he’d found them, even if it was off someone’s coinpurse and if he gets caught, cheerfully return the item and offer to buy them a drink. I don’t want a vulpera guild either, as this character would want to get out and meet new people. All I seem to see though is caravan guilds, house guilds, cults and military guilds, and I’ve been in those and I dislike them, to a point. House guilds don’t seem to do anything, the last military guild I was in just got horribly racist, cults are just… wow, and I explained why I’m not looking for a vulpera guild. Is that all RP guilds are now? Sorry if this sounds like I’m whining, I’ve just been looking for someplace that suits me IC and out. Thanks for taking the time to read my complaining to the void, and if you have a suggestion for an RP guild please let me know. Thanks.


There’s plenty of other types of guilds!

First I always have to recommend the Horde Guild Directory in the post below:

Have you seen any of the business-type guilds? I can think of a few that I’ve RP’d with and really enjoyed:

Firebrand Enterprises

Fence Macabre

Kalimdor Logistics :eyes:


Hey Taanzen,

City roleplay is the same as it’s ever been, yet sometimes worse. I’m sorry that you’ve had such experiences thusfar. There is a major difference between a good guild and a bad guild; that can only be determined by the individual. I would whole heartedly recommend Firebrand Enterprises or Blackmarket Cartel. Both would be incredibly up your alley and improve your RP experience.

I hope you find what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to contact folks who post here in game if you want further advice or help. Have a great day. :wave:


There’s also a number of RP communities that are dedicated to forging out-of-guild RP connections. I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a lot of contact information on-hand for some of the ones that I know about, but I actually do host one of these communities myself! Hearth and Homestead has been around for almost a decade now in various iterations. We currently make a concentrated effort to attend as many RP events as possible, spreading more community awareness. You can join our Discord to learn more using this code: wzqC6TA

But there’s many more! Also Buliss stated, there’s also a lot of walk-up RP in cities. Orgrimmar is the primary hotbed for walk-up RP these days, and while I’ve always had more misses than hits, I’ve personally had quite a few highly enjoyable RP sessions with random people in the city.

One thing that I don’t think is stressed enough in the current state of MMO RP is that players need to be willing to make that first leap of faith themselves. Not getting discouraged in the face of a disappointing RP experience is important, since going out and making the first move is pretty much a requirement if you want to find or create the kind of RP you enjoy.

I would also recommend talking to the leaders of some of the race-exclusive RP guilds; since their guilds are race-exclusive, a lot of them have sister guilds with other races, or make an effort to RP outside of their guild frequently. For example, Southfury Watch just hosted an RP event last night, and I saw a number of race-exclusive guilds showing up and interacting with one another. The same happened during Firebrand’s Gilded Market and the Quilen Tavern on Saturday and Sunday! These guild leaders can help point you to RP guilds and communities they know about that might be up your alley.

Check out the WRA Discord and the pinned thread on the forum to find more guilds, too!

Hope this info helps! Welcome back!